Catching Up

I’ve been having so much fun with Charlie.  My little sidekick.  We have great adventures just the two of us during the day and then I delight watching his face beam with excitement when Parker comes home at the end of the day.  It’s been a while since I posted, but I haven’t stopped my weekly photos.  I am so blissfully present in these moments of motherhood that I don’t really take spare time to sit at the computer.  I got a bike recently and I’ve been spending my evenings, after Charlie is in bed, out riding around my neighborhood.  It’s been a great way to decompress at the end of each day, take some time for myself, breathe deeply in the fresh air, and have fun like I did when I was a kid.  Summertime evenings have such a distinctness – the light is more golden, the air is thick and smells like grass, it’s still hot at 8pm.  But riding a bike is the best way to make your own air conditioning.  It’s been nice to have this new hobby.

What else is new?  Charlie is 8 months now, crawling like a champ, has 6 teeth (4 that have been there for a while and two that just broke through the surface last week), and he’s really funny.  He’s got a big personality, which makes me think he will have my sense of humor, but then he’s shy when he meets new people or we’re out in public which makes me think he’ll take after Parker.  He’s still sleeping with us in our bed (which Parker finally moved back in to somewhere around 6 months when Charlie wasn’t waking up so much at night anymore).  But recently, I re-strategized the nursery to make it a Montessori style bedroom which means I put everything down on his level.  You can see a glimpse of it here.  My intention is to gently foster independence so he feels confident and comfortable in his space and wants to spend time in there…and eventually sleep in there!  Patience, patience, patience.  We’re in no hurry, we like the cuddles.

Charlie is still nursing, but eating lots of food too.  His first food was a strawberry (see second picture below) which coincided perfectly with the height of strawberry season so he got to taste the sweetest, juiciest berries right off the bat.  He also immediately took to meat – all kinds.  We are doing modified baby led weaning with him, which means he basically just eats what we eat.  Sometimes I make or buy purees for him just to get him to eat veggies that are a little more difficult to get him to eat, and he also gets some oatmeal in the mornings for the iron.  And I now keep snacks in my bag whenever we go out to eat because we have seen the consequences of trying to just wait until our food comes to feed him – it’s ugly.  Squirmy, whiny, generally unpleasant.  Now, however, I keep some freeze dried fruit or some Happy Creamies in my bag and let him munch while Parker and I have adult conversation.

Speaking of!  We went on our first date night a couple weeks ago!  It was a magical night.  We wandered the Atlanta Botanical Garden for hours and went to a late dinner.  It felt like the time before we had Charlie.  So good to reconnect and feel like our younger, pre-baby selves again for a few hours.  I was all heart eyes for him that night.  :)

Anyway, here are weeks 15-26 (this year is HALF OVER! WHAT?!): 15of52

The extent of the crib’s use was, as you can see, a safe place to play while I got ready in the morning (I’m standing in the bathroom taking this photo). 16of52

First food: strawberries!  It was love at first bite. 17of52

One of our Mother’s Day portraits that Parker took.  18of52

Our first trip with Charlie.  We went to the beach at Port St. Joe with Parker’s family.  It was nice, but I quickly realized a beach vacation with a baby is a totally different experience than as a childless twenty-something.  It’s just mothering in a different location!  Stil had fun though :) 20of52

Sometimes you gotta make your own air conditioning.  It was so hot this day, I stripped Charlie down and let him feel the breeze on the swing.  I think it was 86 degrees at 7pm when I took this. 21of52

Sitting on the front porch, waiting for Parker to get home.  He can sit on my lap and entertain us both for a long time. 22of52

So, this is right around the time Charlie started crawling for real (he got up on all fours and had us thinking he was just about to crawl for weeks) and we decided we should store our bed frame in the basement and just put the mattress on the floor before anything bad happened.  Since he still sleeps with us, he spends a lot of time in here and we just want him to be safe.  As you can see, he was thrilled with the lower bed and immediately learned how to launch himself off of it and climb back on.  23of52


Pulling up all.the.time. This was when he first learned the couch was the ideal place to practice pulling up because it’s soft, his height, and he often has a captive audience right in front of him.  25of52

We’ve always used Honest diapers and just bought them from Target, but Target only goes up to size 5 and Big Booty DeBardelaben here moved in to a size 6 in June at 8 months old so we had to order them direct.  This is the box they came in and as you can see, provided minutes of entertainment!  Also worth noting: He’s gotten tan lines in his arm rolls this summer.  *swoon*26of52More standing!  And showing off those top two teeth in this picture.  He will stand at the sofa like this for 10-15 minutes at a time.  And that chair in the background is his favorite cruiser.  It scratches up my floor, but it’s sturdy and easy for him to lean on so he can practice walking.  Ah, walking!  It’s going to be here as soon as you know it.


12/52, 13/52, 14/52

I am the WORST. Chalk it up to new years resolutions that are so hard to keep, or a tired mama just focused on keeping up with a babe, or (most likely) a new forgetfulness that seems to be a permanent fixture for me these days, but here I am posting three weeks worth of shots on one day. No promises that this won’t be the last time, but I do so appreciate the subtle changes of watching my boy grow in the pictures, so I’m happy to continue. Even if it takes me a while to catch up.





Mid-giggle, showing off his two teeth.  Such a ham.  And his favorite toy as of late?  That whisk.  Provides literally MINUTES of entertainment.  ;)



11of52 Our little goofball.  He started putting his arms up over his head like this and when he does, Parker or I will shake his hips and say “Eyyyy Macarena!”  He loves it.  :)

Another tooth broke through the surface this week!  And he’s sitting up!!  Still wobbly, but he totally surprised me when I set him on the changing table to change his diaper the other night and he stayed upright.  He had been having really restless sleep, having a hard time going down, refusing naps, and then this happened!  I knew that sleep is often disrupted right before big milestones, but I wasn’t even thinking about that during our sleep troubles.  I was like, “Why is this happening?!?!” and “CAN I HAVE MORE COFFEE PLEASE.” :) haha


Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset I’m late!  I usually try to get this post up by Sunday night, but we had such a great weekend that no computer time was had.  Spring has officially sprung in Atlanta!  It was 80 degrees yesterday!  We’ve had several days of gorgeous weather in a row and I keep thinking this is just a fluke, it’s too early for spring, but omg the first official day of spring is Friday.  WHAT.  How did we get here already?  I blinked and all of a sudden I have a five-month-old and another season is upon us.  Parenting is a time warp, I’m sure of it.

Look at that face.  The chunkiest chunk that ever chunked.  I’m so in love with this little guy!  Here he is in his plastic monstrosity exersaucer that he loves.  I bought this right before he turned 3 months and it has been fun to watch as he figures out how the different things work.  :)


Processed with VSCOcam with g1 preset
God bless America and polo onesies with pockets.  And fat little feet that are always wiggling. :)

This week:

– Charlie’s first tooth popped through the surface!  Yay, Charlie!

– Spring came through Atlanta, allowing us all to get out for a walk to the park in short sleeves, thus the polo onesie made it’s debut.

– I felt like Charlie and I developed an even closer bond than we already have.  He is so attuned to me, always following me with his eyes when I move around the room.  Making deep, long eye contact and gently touching my face while nursing.  Giving me BIG big smiles when I kiss his belly or tickle him.  Yesterday morning, I asked Parker to entertain him for a few minutes in bed so I could get, like, 3 more minutes of sleep since I have a sinus infection and am not sleeping well.  I rolled over to have some space but felt a tiny hand grasping at my back and when I turned to look, he was all smiles and eyes on me.  He wanted both of us to play!  Who needs sleep with that kind of invitation?

AHH!  The best ever, this is just the best thing I’ve ever experienced.  I love being Charlie’s mom.