What’s really in your bag?

Did you see Cup of Jo’s post last week titled, “What’s really in your bag?”  Click here to read it if you didn’t see it; I loved it.

I thought it was so funny.  Among other things, there was a fork, an orange peel, and a Starbucks coffee sleeve in her purse at the time of illustration.  Ha!  So it got me thinking that since it had been a while since I cleaned out my purse, I bet there would be some pretty ridiculous things in my bag as well.  So here is literally everything that was in my bag (minus 14 papers/receipts and some unidentifiable crumbs at the very bottom).

What's in your purse?Lip things: Sally Hansen Inflation-X lip gloss (that doesn’t really “inflate” or plump up your lips, don’t believe the hype), Burt’s Bees lip balm, and EOS lip balm.  It’s silly that I have anything besides my trusty Burt’s Bees in there because it’s really all I ever want or need in life when it comes to lip things.

3 mechanical pencils, 1 Sharpie pen.  This one surprised me.  I’m not particularly loyal to mechanical pencils but somehow three of them ended up tagging along with me whereever I go.  The Sharpie makes a bit more sense, but what does not make sense is that none of these writing utensils can really be used to sign official documents or write checks if the need arose when I’m out and about.  (Which never happens, so..)

Kleenex on-the-go slim pack.  Not for nothing, these things are legitimately awesome to have around.  Allergy season is just starting (in Atlanta, you know this means war) and driving down the road being stuck without a tissue when you need to blow your nose is the freaking worst.  I mean, I used to pray I could find an extra napkin in the glove box when this happened, but I’ve officially grown up and keep Kleenex in my purse now.  These don’t give me the equivalent of rug burn on my nose either, like spare Chick-Fil-A napkins do.  The packaging is so cute too!  Also important to note: these days the tissues in these go-packs are super sturdy and thick, not the single layer disappointment they used to be.  Life’s lessons, folks.

Lotion sample from dermatologist.  That I never use.

One subway tile.  Took it to the paint store a week or two ago and forgot all about it.

2 pieces of gum.  Which is funny because this morning I was driving with a breakfast taste still in my mouth and was like, “Gah, I wish I had some gum!”.  Turns out I had TWO pieces left and would have been set.  Don’tcha hate it when that happens?

New library card holder info.  I finally got around to getting a library card after moving here nearly six months ago, and the librarian handed this to me and I knew I didn’t need it (all the same information is online should I need it) and I knew it was going to end up at the bottom of my purse but I took it anyway to be polite.  Guess where it ended up?

Hair things.  2 elastics, 1 clip, 5 bobby pins.  And I can never find any of them when I need to! :)

One fuzzy glove.  I don’t know how long that’s been in there, but it’s been long enough that it has accumulated so much fuzz and crumbs that I’m not even sure I want to find it’s mate.

Box of nails.  Purchased a week or so ago for a project that may or may not even need them.  Best to be prepared.

A dime.  Seriously, in my entire purse, the only physical money to be found was a dime.  Not even in my wallet is there any actual money.  I rely so heavily on my debit and credit cards that if I needed to buy something for $0.25, I would have to hand over a card.  Also, for this reason, the thought of valet parking makes me extremely nervous.

A clutch that doubles as my wallet.  Because I figure if I just need to hop in somewhere really quickly, I can just grab that instead of the whole shebang.  Plus, it has a wrist strap so I can be hands-free.  Just don’t go lookin‘ for any cash in it.

So that’s what was really in my bag.  Do you have just as ridiculous items in yours or are you one of those people I envy that keeps their purse tidy and organized at all times?

This post is sponsored by Kleenex, but all opinions are my own.  Kleenex just launched it’s collaboration with Isaac Mizrahi this past Monday in NYC in celebration of their 90th anniversary and I am loving the new designs my BFF Isaac came up with.  Check them out here.

PS – remember when Isaac had his Target collection?  My mom and I used to obsess over all the gorgeous vintage-inspired party dresses and tailored jackets.  When I learned there would be no more Isaac Mizrahi for Target, I bought everything I possibly could at 75% off and got some of the most beautiful dresses my closet has ever known.  Also, I just love him and wish we could be real life BFFs.


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