Weekend Pretties & More Snow in Georgia


The first thing I saw when I woke up yesterday morning was snow.weekend pretties - snow in georgia

A better view of our winter wonderland forest behind our house. weekend pretties - snow in georgia

weekend pretties - snow in georgia

weekend pretties - snow in georgia

weekend pretties - snow in georgia

Parker wanted to build a snowman so bad, but couldn’t find his gloves.  He didn’t get very far. :)

Happy Friday!  I’m glad it’s the end of this week.  I battled a cold all week and am finally – finally! – feeling pretty much back to normal today.  This weather was pretty exciting stuff for us.  Two snows in one year; it doesn’t happen much around these parts.  My cousin is getting married tomorrow and it was touch and go for a while if there would even be a wedding since she’s flying in from Utah and her parents are driving down from Virginia and all the ice was causing shutdowns and delays.  But it looks like it’s going to happen after all and I’m excited to spend some time with my family celebrating this new marriage (you know how much I love weddings).

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day!  Whether you have big plans or no plans for this “holiday”, I hope it’s a good one.  I think Parker and I will enjoy a quiet evening at home, but I never pass up an opportunity to make googly eyes at him.  Valentine’s Day offers the perfect excuse.  :)

Hope you have a nice weekend.  If you’re in the cold parts of the country, bundle up!  If you’re in California, try to restrain from posting photos on Instagram since we’re all green with envy of your summer-like temps right now. :)  Here are a few fun links I found this week that I wanted to share.

Speaking of Atlanta, 25 things you may not know about our city.

Have you been watching the Olympics?  I have to say I haven’t been paying much attention, but I love this guy’s ski outfit.

Last minute (free!) Valentines.

and one that requires a bit more effort, but is just so cute.

How things are made.

I thought the commentary on this (gay) guy’s visit to the present-day Playboy Mansion was pretty hilarious.

Macrame obsession continues with this dream catcher.

Interesting: women’s mug shots from the early 1900’s and their accompanying stories.

I don’t plan on making a super fancy V-Day dinner tonight, but if I were this menu would be the perfect one.

If I ever make it to Patagonia, I want to stay in this hotel.

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