Weekend Pretties


Last week I shared some photos from New York and this week I’m sharing where we went right after New York. We headed to Salt Lake City for Alt Summit!  We ventured out a couple of times to see the mountains (neither of us had ever seen the Rockies) and honestly we were blown away.  So beautiful, and so (so!!!) much bigger than our measly little Appalachians.  (PS – regular weekend links at the bottom.)

We drove out to Park City, UT the day before the conference started just to look around and experience the small town.  Sundance was coming to an end, but it was still buzzing with activity.  It looked just like the episode of Entourage.





My birthday happened to fall on the Thursday we were there, so we had to get room service to celebrate.  Nothing like eating room service in a fluffy white robe to make you feel like a sophisticated grown up.

After the conference, we wanted to go skiing.  I told you about this ordeal before.  We didn’t actually get to go, what with the freak snow storm and all.  We were just thankful to get off the mountain alive and came back to a city covered in snow and cloaked in fog:



So we dropped the rental car off and walked to the nearest bar to get some lunch and pass the time with some hot toddies.


We thought we might wait for the snow to slow down, but in the three hours we were there it never did.  Outside it just kept coming down.ASOP in SLC12

It was actually really fun.  We didn’t let it ruin our time and we just laughed and marveled at all that SNOW.  Our Georgia born-and-bred brains just couldn’t fathom it.  Luckily, even though this was a big storm for Salt Lake, they’re pros at this stuff and the airport runways were completely clear the next morning when we had to fly out.  We got out on time and headed back to more reasonable temperatures.

Anyway, it was a fun trip.  Sad we didn’t get to go skiing, but we ended up having a blast.


Hope you have a good weekend!  What are you up to?  Parker and I are going on a date tonight since it’s been a while.  The weather this weekend doesn’t look promising, so I’m going to try to convince Parer to have a documentary movie marathon with me.  On the list: Bill Cunningham New York (and don’t tell me I’m the last one to see it, I know…), First Position, Everest: The Death Zone and I really want to start the Up Series.  Have you heard of it?  A filmaker has been following seven people since they were seven years old and makes a new film every seven years.  56 Up was released last year.  I’ve heard it’s amazing and you really get to know the people.

Here’s some fun links for your weekend!

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