Weekend Pretties


Look at me, I blogged four days in a row this week!  Haven’t done that in a while, it feels good.  What are you up to this weekend?  I’m excited to get away to the beach for the weekend with my mom.   She needed a date to a wedding and my dad couldn’t make it, so lucky me, I get to go!  We’re driving down to Gulf Shores, Alabama, where I’ve never been before, but I’m very familiar with the gorgeous Gulf Coast so I’m excited.  I reminded my mom that this will be our last trip as just the two of us for a long time and we both got a little sad.  It’s kind of the end of an era since my mom and I have traveled together a lot, just the two of us.  But the promise of a sweet baby boy takes the sting out. :)

It was a little tricky finding a wedding-appropriate dress at this stage of pregnancy, but fortunately I found something cute and non-maternity so I will be able to wear it again in the future.  Also, since the babe is moving around so much and kicking these days, I’ve discovered he can kick me directly in the bladder, so I’ve had to prepare my mom for FREQUENT pit stops along the 5 hour drive.  Ha :)

I’ve been holding on to some of these links for a couple weeks now, so I hope you enjoy.  Have a great weekend.  :)

The most beautiful library America has even seen.

Father of the Bride 3?!?!?!?! *jazz hands*

Along the same lines of reunions….this one made me very happy.

This banned Grey Poupon ad had me cracking up.

It is a beautiful cake, but I’d feel totally cheated if someone brought this out at a dinner party.

Shipping container homes!

I totally want these cookie cutters.  For my kid, of course……….

30 common mispronounced food words.  Did you get any?  (I’ve totally been saying hummus wrong this whole time!)

Crazy things parents do.  Made me laugh out loud.

Totally digging the aluminum chair upcycling trend right now.

Some really good Target shopping secrets.

I’ve been listening to this Edward Sharpe cover non-stop and singing along at the top of my lungs.  I love those girls!

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