Weekend Pretties

happy azalea

Happy Easter!  This weekend has been a great one, full of relaxation and quality time spent with my boo.  Parker was off Friday, so we have had three full days together and it’s been lovely; too lovely to stop and sit down to write a blog post.  The weekend has read mostly like this: eat, sleep, read, watch True Detective, repeat.  Except we did make it out of the house yesterday for a quick run to indulge in Revolution Doughnuts and coffee.  Today my mom is coming over for Easter dinner and I think I’ll take her and Frank to the nature preserve I’ve just discovered to go walking before gathering to eat.  I still haven’t found any glue to fix my broken deviled egg dish so I’ll have to figure out another way to serve them since Easter without deviled eggs just doesn’t feel right.

I did find some fun stuff this week while browsing the internet, so here are some fun things to look at if you are interested.  Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!  See you back here tomorrow for a fun and exciting post :)

Who knew peg board could be so versatile (and chic)?

Would you eat this Easter candy?  (I’m still on the fence.)

So I guess I’m a hipster since I love almost all of these.

Kids’ hilarious reactions (and confusion) to a walkman.

More awesome street art.

The oldest known message in a bottle has just turned up.

Try not to die of cuteness: baby elephants learning how to use their trunks.

A history lesson in beach-going etiquette with bathing houses.

Dogs get a second chance.

A brilliant way to recycle old TV screens and computer monitors.

Black chickens!  Have you ever seen or heard of these guys?

A house tour that’s making me lust to move out west.

Fascinating read: the story behind Migrant Mother.

Oprah makes Pharrel Williams cry (in a good way).


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  1. Jessica

    Just a word about the candy covered chickpeas…I didn’t like. They were really powdery and lost that earthy flavor that I enjoy in chickpeas.


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