Weekend Pretties

1Weekend Pretties 31414

2Weekend Pretties 31414

3Weekend Pretties 31414

4Weekend Pretties 31414

5Weekend Pretties 31414

6Weekend Pretties 31414

Happy Friday!  Has spring sprung where you are yet?  Atlanta is starting to get pops of color here and there, but I think we still have some time before everything really explodes.  The dogwoods are one of my favorite parts of spring and they have a little while before the start showing off.  I can’t wait! I love this time of year.  We had a few days of 70 degree weather earlier this week where we celebrated by spending all day outside, soaking it in, foolishly thinking winter was behind us, and then, out of nowhere it turned cold again (below freezing!), making for some grumpy walks in the morning.

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice though, so I can work outside on some projects I need warmer weather for.  Like finally painting my doors for one!  We took all our interior doors off the hinges when we first bought our house in the fall with the intention of painting them….but then it got cold before we could get to them and I decided the whole thing could wait until spring.  And as soon as I hit publish on this post, I‘m headed into the kitchen to do some touch up painting and seal my countertops and then the kitchen will be DONE!  As in, 100% finished!  How exciting.  I’ve got a couple of celebratory meals planned to cook in my brand new kitchen this weekend.

As for the bathroom, it should be wrapping up early next week.  The marble countertop is being installed tomorrow, then the plumber comes Monday to hook everything up, and then Tuesday the bathtub gets reglazed.  Ah!  I can’t wait to be able to shower in our house again!  (We’ve been going to my parent’s house nearly every night for weeks to take advantage of their hospitality in the form of showers and food.  Gotta love mom and dad being so close by.)

Hope you have a nice weekend. Here are some fun things to look at while you wait for yours to start.

This pie chart perfectly illustrates my feelings about the weather this week.

Not like we all need another reason to love Ellen, but here’s one anyway.

This rocking chair is what my dreams are made of.

I meant to share this last week and forgot.  Paper recreations of the Oscars dresses made by 4-year-old and her mom.

San Francisco just banned the sale of plastic water bottles.  This excites me so much!  I hope more cities follow suit.

Loving these photographs of pigment in water SO much.

Pom pom fruit!

What a pretty cake.

Finding a place in our new kitchen for this print.

I just got this fancy gadget to clean our floors with and oooooomg – life changing.  I’m gonna do a whole post about it because it’s that good.



5 Responses to “Weekend Pretties”

  1. Brittney Cotter

    We have a Shark Steam and Spray and I can’t wait to use it. It’s been sitting in our closet for months just waiting for it’s chance to shine. It was nice seeing you today!

  2. Lyriel

    Oh hello Katy! Your pictures are so lovely!
    Here in Philly it’s still cold…:( It was actually snowing two days ago.
    But they say it was the last time. So.. we’ re waiting.
    Enjoy your day!

    xx Lyriel

    • Katy

      Oh but Philly is so lovely in the springtime! I used to visit Chadds Ford a lot for work and always thought that part of the country was beautiful any time of year except winter! The summers are so much more mild than what I’m used to in Atlanta :)

  3. Roxy

    Oh my your photographs are beautiful! It’s just started to warm up here in South Korea and the cherry blossoms are out in full force, it’s like a scene from a movie <3 x

    • Katy

      No, YOUR photos are beautiful! Goodness, I just checked out your blog and wow. Gorgeous!


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