Weekend Pretties

1WEEKENDPR3714A short hike at Stone Mountain last weekend on the most beautiful day.

2WEEKENDPR3714Our picnic spot.

3WEEKENDPR3714Cheater picnic, really.  But it worked.  :)

4WEEKENDPR3714Meanwhile, back at the house, our shower tile is all in and gets grouted today.

5WEEKENDPR3714Same with the marble floor in the bathroom.

This morning, Parker got up really early, and half-awake I asked him, “Is it Thursday or is it Friday?” and couldn’t believe it when he said Friday.  This week flew by!  We’ve had a crew at our house every day this week working on the bathroom and finishing up the kitchen.  They’re making progress, but these things always take longer than they say and two weeks has come and gone and we still have at least another week’s worth of work to get everything finished.  I hate having workers here so much (especially with only one working bathroom that I have to share with them.  Gross.) but it will all be so nice in the end.  There is no possible way this bathroom could have been done DIY so I’m just really thankful that we were able to hire it out.

Hope you have fun plans for this weekend.  Parker and I are going to try tackling some projects around the house and I’m going to try to find some pretty, yet functional, glass containers to store dry goods on our new shelves in the kitchen (which look awesome by the way, I can’t wait to show you).  Here are some fun things I found this week:

Turn water in to wine in three days.

This video made me smile.

NYC’s garbage islands and an idea to improve them.

101 amazing but true facts.

A DIY plywood plank floor!  That Jenny is always making the coolest stuff.

These sound like a hevenly breakfast to make this weekend.

Such cute goodies for kiddos!

My favorite Instagrammer as of late made me laugh with this photo and caption.

….Also, she wrote this inspiring blog post that I haven’t stopped thinking about.

Have a great weekend!

3 Responses to “Weekend Pretties”

  1. Brittney Cotter

    I miss your pretty posts! We’re going to (hopefully) be neighbors soon. We have a contract on a house on the other side of Medlock Park, just have to get past inspection and appraisal. :)

    • Katy

      Thanks Britney! So much going on with the house right now that I’m taking a brief pause on blogging. Plus, with workers here everyday for weeks, I couldn’t get much done anyways. I’ll be back soon though!

      • Brittney

        I can’t wait! I can’t even imagine having so many people in my home all day, every day. With my chronic migraines, I probably couldn’t stand it. Go you for being a trooper! I hope construction wraps up soon! But, if it’s still going on after April 1st you are more than welcome to come hang out with me on our big screened in porch! :) Fingers crossed. We’re going to our inspection tomorrow morning.


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