Weekend Pretties

weekend pretties 2-7-14

Frankie modeling the new rug I picked up for my office yesterday…weekend pretties 2-7-14

and the runner I also scored for the hallway (as a hardwood floor-phobic dog, he’s very happy for the new additions).
weekend pretties 2-7-14

Our Eames lounger (reproduction, obvi) finally arrived this week!  Our living room finally feels like it’s coming together.
weekend pretties 2-7-14Eucalyptus as pretty dried as it is alive.

weekend pretties 2-7-14Love is in the air (and on my walls; another print from Caravan Shoppe).

This week was so good.  Parker’s been terribly sick with “The Man Cold” (sarcastic emphasis on the terribly part) so he’s stayed home the past three days and let me take care of him.  It’s been nice having him around (even if he is pretty pitiful).  We also found out some exciting news that I can’t WAIT to share with you guys in a bit.  And yesterday I scored majorly at Scott Antique Market.  I got those two rugs, both handmade wool Persians from Iran for $400 total ($300 for the big one, $100 for the runner).  I couldn’t believe the deal I got (bat those eyelashes, ladies!  It works!).  Later, as I was leaving, I saw another runner, same size and style,  from a different seller that I liked and asked how much it cost – she said $350!  I showed her my rug and told her I got it for $100 and she couldn’t believe the guy had let it go for so little.  She said, “Hang on to it, you got an incredible deal.”  Yes!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  We plan on interviewing a couple of contractors to hopefully start renovating the bathrooms soon (and finish that *%&#ing kitchen! hah :) ).  Here are some fun links to browse through that I found interesting this week.

Hilarious look at being a blogger (so much truth in this!).

Jenny is the queen of getting good deals on vintage furniture – check out her tips (not one involves batting eyelashes, so obviously I could learn a thing or two, haha).

How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew (thanks, Dad!).

Valentine cards for those of you that love corny puns like I do.

National flags made from each country’s traditional foods. (Umm, America.  Let’s step it up.)

Kind of freaking out over how awesome this macrame curtain is and how perfect it is for our closet.

A real life Jim and Dwight (from The Office, in case you didn’t get the reference). I don’t know if this is real or not, but I laughed so it’s worth sharing.

I can’t wait for figs to come back in season so I can make this salad.

How to pronounce designer names.

Beautiful street art.

Russel Brand wrote a beautiful and powerful essay about heroin addiction.

And speaking of heroin (words I never thought I’d write on this blog), I was so upset to learn about the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.  But to end this post on a positive note, let’s watch this clip from one of my favorite movies that still makes me cry-laugh, even though I’ve seen it a hundred times.

“White chocolate!” “Rain dance!” “Let it rain!” Kills me.

Y’all have a good weekend.  xoxo-Katy

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