Weekend Pretties


This week’s flowers.
Weekend Pretties 1-31-14

My business cards I ended up taking to Alt Summit last week (letterpressing was a big fat fail and overnightprints.com saved me at the last minute).

Weekend Pretties 1-31-14

The snow has kept us in a lot this week.

Weekend Pretties 1-31-14

Scenes from the sofa (I tried to work, but kept dozing off – guess I need a desk to be productive).
Weekend Pretties 1-31-14I shared this on Instagram yesterday, but I’ve been eating these powerhouse smoothie bowls for lunch and it’s my new favorite thing.  Recipes coming soon.

What a week!  Were you in parts of the country that got hit with crazy winter weather?  Despite the bad things that it brought with it (like my dad getting stuck and having to sleep in his truck), I’ve enjoyed walking through the woods with snow crunching underfoot and watching little kids play and excitedly go sledding.  We don’t get snow that actually sticks to the ground very often in Atlanta, so it’s always a treat.  I think three years ago is the last time I remember having snow, and unfortunately it brought terrible ice with it then too.

This weekend I plan on working on some blog posts for next week and catching up on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a reward for being productive (I know, I’m ashamed of myself, but we all have vices right?).  Here are some fun things I found this week that thought you might enjoy.  Have a wonderful weekend.  :)  xoxo-Katy

Southern hospitality at its finest (way to go, Atlanta).

Oil pulling always repulsed me until now, thanks to Gabrielle making it seem like the most normal thing in the world.

Chic and minimal DIY speakers.

Making me want a brood of little boys, that’s what this post is doing to me.

These look – so good.  Yum.  Going to have to make some this weekend.

Vegetable dresses (alternately titled: You are what you eat…?)

Vintage recipes that will make you laugh and/or gag.

A beach, a man, and his rake.

 Oversized heart chain.

Love this “Unexpected Florals” series.

If it fits, I sits. ( I watched this video twice, it’s so funny).

4 Responses to “Weekend Pretties”

  1. Laura Dennison

    If it Fits I sits is the funniest thing I’ve seen in quite a while. Also, the vintage recipes brought back some good memories. I’ve had quite a few of those and they are actually quite tasty. I don’t recall ever seeing the Be Bold with Bananas one though, Oh MY!

  2. Melissa

    It was great to meet you at Alt! even if it was just a short cab ride :) Thanks so much for the link…happy you were inspired by all the lovely florals.

    • Katy

      So nice to meet you too! I love your blog and I’m so happy to have discovered it. :)


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