Weekend Pretties

Weekend Pretties 1-16-14A rare treat: breakfast in bed during the week.Weekend Pretties 1-16-14I bought these flowers on December 31, 2013.  18 days later, still going strong.Weekend Pretties 1-16-14Just noticed this useful slot for razor blades in our 1950s medicine cabinet.Weekend Pretties 1-16-14Oh I love citrus season.Weekend Pretties 1-16-14Alt Summit sends confetti parties in the mail in an attempt to get attendees excited for the conference.  It totally works.

Hi Friday!  You arrived just in time.  How was your week?  Mine was busy, but so good!  I am starting to feel back to my old blogging self, posting every day this week and making fun stuff to share.  I have so many ideas too, I’m feeling really good and inspired.  So, stay tuned folks.  I’m feeling like good things are about to happen around these parts.  Oh!  Speaking of which!  The new site design should launch Monday and I’m so excited to give All Sorts of Pretty a pretty new makeover.  I feel like my style has changed a LOT since I started this blog a year ago and the current look just doesn’t inspire me anymore.  (Truth be told, I think it’s part of why I took such a long break from blogging – I hated the design so much I didn’t even want to look at it!  No bueno.)  So, it’s going to look a lot different, but I think it will reflect my style and the content of this blog much better.  Parker and I are gonna bust our butts on that this weekend to get it launched and I also still have to figure out my business cards over the next couple days too.  Oh you guys, letterpressing is so much better left to professionals :-/  Wish me luck…

Anyway!  Here are some fun things I enjoyed this week and wanted to share:

7 habits of highly stylish people (aka tips I need to employ for myself).

This made me laugh out loud (because it’s so true!).

A very cute (and motivating!) free download for your desktop background.

Amazing public art installation inside a cathedral (involving 20 MILES of ribbon).

The slang in the 1920s was totally awesome – I mean, air tight.

The world’s most dangerous trail.

I love novelty size things, especially this cake topper.

Total business card envy.  Next year I WILL get my act together in plenty of time.  :-/

The next major renovation adventure in our house is the bathrooms.  Emily’s post is getting me inspired.

My new favorite blog to read.

…and another new favorite blog to read, one of my friends from college is co-writing.  It’s so cute!

Have a good weekend!  See you back here on Monday with (fingers crossed!) the new site!

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