Weekend Pretties

photo 1We had a nice rain the other night and lots of leaves lost their grip and fell down in beautiful, fall confetti.photo 2 (1)More scenes from our favorite walking place.photo 5This guy makes me so happy.
vscocam_1383940103.856811.IMG_1899Graffiti art.
vscocam_1383940104.154859.IMG_1885Anybody know what  type of plant this is?  Such pretty purple berries.

Happy Friday!  This week was a long one for me.  I found out our countertops for the kitchen (the one thing holding us back from being able to finish the rest of the kitchen) are delayed at least another week.  So that means another week without a stove, dishwasher or sink (our contractors have to install those and they aren’t coming back until we have countertops for them to install), and it means another week of not being able to cook or unpack our kitchen.  This whole process of being unsettled finally got to me this week and I finally had to just cry it out.  (Last night’s date really helped though.)

Our eating habits aren’t helping anything either since our nutrition-devoid, pre-packaged foods aren’t giving us energy or making us feel good either (so hard to eat right without a kitchen!).  But Monday my good friend and neighbor, Emily (and co-founder of the amazing kid’s art line, Eclectica Kiddo!) are starting the Game On diet (have you heard of it?  Anyone tried it?) so hopefully I can get back on track and in shape.  This weekend I plan on going to my parent’s house to make a bunch of healthy food I can eat throughout the week so I don’t have to even think about eating cereal out of lack of other options.

What are you up to this weekend?  I’m so excited to get in the kitchen and cook up a storm.  I even have a recipe I am planning (fingers crossed!!) to share with you on Monday if I get my act together.  Check out these goodies I ran across the web this week though if you feel like browsing around.

This picnic table. Get me to it right now.

An adorable owl cake.

When to use fresh herbs and when to use dried.

A very helpful guide on apple varieties.

Awesome travel apps that I didn’t know existed.

Marriage isn’t for you.

Realistically colorized historical photos make the past seem incredibly real.

The details of this baby shower are so sweet and fun.

I am going crazy over Bri’s new white on white studio (what a gorgeous space!).

Have you been following Jenny’s master bedroom Ikea Pax wardrobe transformation?  The girl is an inspiration to say the least.

I think kid’s sweaters should always have hoods with animal ears.

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  1. heather

    That is a photo of Callicarpa (beautyberry) — such a vibrant, gorgeous addition to the autumn color wheel. Enjoy the weekend!


  2. Erica - Let Why Lead

    Hi Katy! Thank you so much for including my apple varieties guide. It is definitely the perfect time for it! We just went apple picking a couple weekends ago! So fun.

    Anyway, I’m excited to check out your blog more! Enjoy your weekend!


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