Weekend Pretties

photo 4photoWe’ve had such gorgeous color on the trees this year.  And look!  A tiny heart shaped cutout in that leaf that I didn’t see until looking at this picture.IMG_1734Right outside my bedroom window.
afterlight (1)
Found these ombre colored berries on a walk through the new neighborhood this week.afterlightWhoops.  Had to go back to our old house when we remembered we left Christmas lights up in the bushes (don’t worry, you couldn’t see them!).photo 2The paper on the floors finally came up this week in anticipation for our sofa arrival.  It arrived alright, but it wasn’t exactly the right order and had to be sent back.  Sad face :-(photo 3Not to worry though because that same day our fancy new rowing machine arrived so instead of chilling out on the couch, we can get super fit (yeah right..).

Happy November 1st!  Can you believe it?!  I can’t.  We closed on our house September 23 and here we are on November 1 and it feels both like no time has passed at all and also like it’s been the longest six weeks ever.  Our house is still a mess – we don’t have a kitchen yet (our out-of-stock countertops halted production a couple weeks ago) so I can’t cook or even unpack any kitchen items (frozen Kashi pizzas and, this week,  halloween candy have sadly been staples in our diets lately), we don’t have a sofa or any furniture in the living room yet (my gorgeous mustard colored sofa was delivered, but it was made with the chaise on the wrong side so we had to reject it) and our bedroom is in a constant state of disarray since we sold our dressers in anticipation of a much smaller space and haven’t purchased a storage bed yet.  But this weekend’s plans are to get my office that’s currently being used as storage in order so I can hopefully start getting back to a more normal-ish blogging schedule.  About two more weeks (hopefully, fingers and toes crossed!) until we have a kitchen and I can start sharing recipes again, but most importantly, start eating real food again!  I’ve never been one for diets, but I’m thinking we’re going to need to get on some kind of regimen for a little while to get back to a healthier lifestyle and start feeling better.

Ah enough complaining, we really love our new house and can’t wait to start sharing it with you guys!  Right now I’m writing this from my bedroom/temporary living room & dining room with the window open (third picture down), listening to the drizzly rain and birds in the woods out back.  Hard to complain abut that! Thanks for hanging in there while I neglect this space.  Here are some fun things to browse this weekend.

Sarah makes me equal parts inspired and crazy jealous of how beautifully her new home renovation is coming along.

When I was a little kid, my brother tried to convince me that hot water freezes faster than cold water and I thought he was insane.  Turns out, he was right. (He emailed this to me with the subject line, “Vindication!!!”.)

Seeing Ellen DeGeneres dress up as Nicki Minaj for Halloween is hilarious, yet uncomfortable to look at and like a train wreck, impossible to stop looking at.

WHOA. Photoshop trickery (and why you should never trust the beautiful images of women in magazines).

Halloween is over, but this chic tablescape could easily transition in to Thanksgiving (minus the spooky drinks and black candles).

Skootcase!!!  Either the best or the worst thing for parents and children while traveling through airports (but I’m hoping it’s the best since I really want one when we have kids).

Currently coveting these minimal pendant lights.

Emily Henderson is really killing it lately.  This bedroom looks so cozy yet modern.

A new favorite food blog and this recipe I’m most excited to try first.

Love this idea for holiday cards (and just might be stealing it for our own!).

The cutest little Rainbow Bright costume!

Tips for working from home (that I need to follow…).

And finally, if you need to smile, this video compilation of cute bulldogs will do the trick.

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