Weekend Pretties

photo 2Our new house!  No, just kidding :)  I saw this old Southern mini-mansion while driving through a small town north of Atlanta this week and thought it was really pretty.photo 3The last of this summer’s flowers from my garden.
photo 5Shopping for wood with my dad.  We’re building a new kitchen table together!photo 2 (1)Part of the base for the table!  I am so excited for this project and can’t wait to share it when it’s finished.photo 1 (1)The stare down I get when I’m blogging and it’s close to dinner time.  (PS – Please note the state of the pillows and also note that every day I arrange them just so and every day Frank he takes it upon himself to rearrange them as he sees fit.)

Ah,TGIF! Right?  Hope your week was a good one.  Everything is going along perfectly smoothly with our home purchase.  Now we just wait for closing, which is still just over three weeks away.  I’m so anxious, but also know it will fly by and in the mean time I’ve got some serious garage sale-ing, craigslist-ing, and Goodwill drop off-ing to do to keep me plenty busy.

What are your plans for this weekend?  My oldest friend in the world is coming to visit me tonight from South Carolina and she’s pregnant with her first baby, so I can’t wait to see her and that belly of hers.  Then tomorrow, Parker and I are off to the mountains to visit his parents and watch the first UGA game of the season (it’s tradition), then back down to visit my parents and work with my dad some more on our new table.  And then some serious downtime on Monday with my man.  I’ll post a recipe though that I’m really excited about (hint: go ahead and freeze some more bananas because you’re going to want to make it on the spot!).

Gonna be a busy but happy one.  Hope you have a great weekend!  Here are some fun links if you find yourself with some downtime:

A DIY method to antiquing mirror (without the crazy harsh chemicals).

New York skinny vs. Paris skinny (very interesting read) (also, a new favorite blog to follow, how have I not been following along all this time?!).

Made me laugh.

Our baby’s gonna cost HOW MUCH?!

Why working from home is both awesome and horrible.

Erin has grasped what I’ve been trying to but haven’t quite just yet.

Atlanta murals are so awesome, thanks to Living Walls.

Sexy men reading children’s books (via A Cup of Jo).

The best story of nine women that kept a big (but good!) secret for 30 years.

Photographer sneaks in to abandoned house to capture the animals that take it over.

Wish my to-do lists looked like these.

BIG sales this Labor Day weekend that you might be interested in:

Thrive Furniture is offering 15%-25% off everything (Mid Century modern, made in the US, quality furniture for a decent price – we’re getting our sofa from here).

Overstock has lots of stuff marked way down, plus take an extra 15% off if you sign up for their emails.

Urban Outfitters has 30% off everything through Monday.

Shop Ruche has tons of stuff on super sale for the weekend.

Free People is having an extra 20% off all sale items (in stores only though).

Have a good one!!  Happy Labor Day!

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    • Katy

      Thanks Jessica! He’s a pro woodworker, I’m so lucky to have him as a dad :) Enjoy your weekend too!!

  1. Laura Dennison

    I LOVE your Friday links when I have time to look at them. You expose me to things I never would have found on my own. That story of the nine women who kept a secret for thirty years makes my soul sing with joy.


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