Weekend Pretties

photo 1If you follow along on Instagram, you saw my sweet find I picked up thrifting yesterday for $20.  I’m having a major Mid-Century Modern moment right now.  photo 2An excited roll in the grass.  Every. Single. Walk.  And it never gets old :)photo 3Atlanta was looking really pretty yesterday.photoThese jadeite and kissing dog salt and pepper shakers made me squeal with excitement when I spotted them.  For one, because I collect jadeite and also because one of these kissing pup sets was the exact one Parker and I saw at a favorite restaurant in NYC last January.  (I bought it, obviously :)afterlightMy view, currently.

Happy Friday!  Did you have a good week?  Parker has been in San Francisco for work (Frank and I have been missing his cuddles big time) and last night a storm took out our internet.  So rather than trying to fix it myself, I’ve decided to pull a Carrie Bradshaw and write from a coffee shop today.  I feel so New York!

What do you have planned for this weekend?  My dad and I are going to get started on our big new dining table project for the new house.  I’m so excited to build something with my dad – he is so talented and I’m hoping some of his expertise will rub off on me so I can make cool stuff on my own one day.  Here are some fun things to look at if you find yourself bored at work in the mood for browsing.  Hope you have a good weekend!  See you back on Monday :)

What it would be like if Disney pricesses had Instagram accounts (hil-arious!).

I think I have a crush on Andy Samberg now (especially after his comments regarding women comedians).

How to not get divorced.

This dessert looks so good (and healthy too!).

I wish these people would share their secrets to capturing such perfect photos with their iPhones.

I’m not proud of admitting this, but I really hope it happens.

Boots season is upon us and I think these are so perfect.  Also, these.

10 Ridiculous (like, really ridiculous) Kitchen Tools.

A 4th grader goes rogue and films a documentary on his disappointing school lunch program.  Awesome.

The pinata favors at the bottom of this post are so stinkin’ cute!

Are you an introvert or  an extrovert? Numbers 10, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 22 on this list prove that I lean towards introverted.

A blog to follow, Design & Form.  She curates minimal, black and white design in such a warm and beautiful way.  Plus, brilliant DIY’s.

$10 off and free shipping at Lulu’s with code FREESHIP10.

On a serious note, this woman is a hero and makes me so proud to have her represent Atlanta.  Team Antoinette.

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  1. Brittney

    Hey Katie! Where were those Jadeite salt & pepper shakers at? I collect S&P shakers and am now in love with those!

    • Katy

      Hey Brittney! Those were found at Kudzu Antiques here in Atlanta. There were TONS! Good luck! :)


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