Weekend Pretties

photo 5Iced coffee has been nice to have around this week.  Travels well too!

photo 2I’ve done more sunrise errand runs to Home Depot this week than I’d like to admit (did you know they open at 6 am?!).

photo 1 (2)In case you’re curious, here are my drawings for the new kitchen.
photo 3Eventually the space that will be my office.  But first, that wood paneling must go! 

Happy Friday everyone!  Although, I plan on working straight through the weekend on our new home so it won’t feel like much of a weekend to me :)  When I met with my contractor last weekend, he said he wouldn’t be able to start demolition for two weeks, so I decided to use that construction-dust-free time to paint the back part of the house and like these these often do, it’s taking me a lot longer than I thought.  I spent two days just priming!  But the good news is that last night I got a call saying they could start the demo sooner – as in, this morning!  So I’m just stopping by to post quickly on my way out to meet them over there and tape off the freshly painted rooms so all my hard work isn’t ruined with dust.

What are your plans for the weekend?  Hope you have a couple of beautiful fall days where you are!  Here are 11 fun links to browse through.

Would you rather have a castle or an apartment in NYC?

…..and speaking of NYC apartments, these famous ones are fun to look at.

Best hidden features of the new iOS 7.

A couple of monochromatic (and witch-like!) houses.

Martha Stewart’s most pinned Halloween recipes.

font made of eggs!

So glad our new home is a house and not an apartment with neighbors like these.

Ikea to start selling solar panels!!!

Love the simple design of this home.

Add paragliding in Switzerland to my bucket list.

If I had children, I would be getting their Halloween costume ideas from Jordan.


PS – I’ll be Instagramming and Facebooking through the weekend at the new house!

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