Weekend Pretties

photo 1A rainbow on my drive in to the city this week.photo 2Figs are (one of my many) favorites.
photo (6)Frank smiles at me like this all. day. long.  I love him.
photo 4Gelato sharing under an awning while it rained.

Hey guys, happy Friday!  How was your week?  We had our home inspection this week, and my dad being an actual home inspector, did it for us, so that was nice.  It was fun to walk around the house and see what he thought.  The house was built in 1958 and he was very pleasantly surprised to see what excellent condition it’s in.  They built ’em sturdy back then!  A few little minor improvements to be made, but overall, a very sound investment.  As I was leaving the house though, and backing out of the driveway, I hit my future neighbor’s car!  Ugggghhhhh.  Way to meet the new neighbors, right?!  I’ve never done that in my life!  I guess I was too distracted by first-time-home-buyer’s brain.  It’s a thing for real.

Anyway, tomorrow Parker and I are going to Ikea to see if we can figure out how to build a kitchen ourselves. Wish us luck (we’ll need it…).  Here are some fun links for your weekend if you find yourself browsing the internets.  Have a good one :)

I love these beautiful balloon images!

9 fun activities to get your child outdoors.

Already thinking about boots for fall.

Speaking of littles, Ikea has launched doll house furniture!

This made me laugh: Sex and the City’s most outdated fashion moments.

3-D printed shoes!

Just finished reading the Delerium series (if you liked The Hunger Games, read it) and now I need a new book.  Suggestions, please!

B-e-a-utiful photos of a colorful San Francisco (it still smells like pee though…)

Ballet dancers in unexpected places.

A DIY garment rack that is pretty enough to keep out on display all the time.

Another kid-friendly link (3 in one day!): The CUTEST play farmer’s market set up.

This video is a little long, but AWESOME.  This woman sings one song in 19 different diva impressions…and they are DEAD ON.  It’s amazing and hilarious.

In case you missed anything this week, we talked about:

How to make your own Nutella.

Doing nice things, like telling someone they’re pretty, just out of the blue to make them feel good.

Hand-carved wooden spoons that take my breath away (and they all sold out in less than a day, btw).

All the pins I’m drawing inspiration from for the new house.

And some of the art that I want to put in the house.


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  1. Susan Atwood

    Wow that is incredibly old! NOT. John said it must be sagging somewhere. I have a feeling 55 looks better on the house than on me.

    • Katy

      OH SUSAN! 55 is still young and fancy free, no matter in a house or a person. And tell John once he sees how many beams there are in the basement, he’ll understand why there’s no sagging anywhere!


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