Weekend Pretties

Weekend Pretties - July 26, 2013Sunrise this morning from the field I was married in.Weekend Pretties - July 26, 2013 - Frederick, MDSummertime in Frederick is the best.
3Weekend Pretties - July 26, 2013Black-Eyed Susans.4Weekend Pretties - July 26, 2013Cone Flowers were my grandfather’s favorites, my grandmother says.
5Weekend Pretties - July 26, 2013Corn fields right out back.

Happy Friday!  How was your week?  I’m writing from my Grandparent’s house in Frederick, Maryland – the place I married by love last year – and I’m always so happy to be here.  Summer is the absolute dreamiest time to visit, it’s no wonder I chose to have my wedding here.  My grandmother is talking about selling the house now that my grandfather has passed away and it breaks my heart to think about not being welcome here forever.  But it’s a real treat to be here now and get to wander around the beautiful yard, taking in the flowers in bloom and sit in the grass in silence under the huge, old trees.  Yesterday I took a long, deep nap in the sun-filled living room and it was one of those naps that feels like you’re swimming in honey.  So delicious and slow; I haven’t nappped in years.  It felt so luxurious!

I hope you have a good weekend!  I came up to Frederick with my dad yesterday and my brother and mom are joining us today.  The spouses couldn’t make it, so it’s just like old times, the original four.  Should be a fun weekend.

Here are some fun things I found this week, hope you like them too.

How to stop comparing yourself to others.

It’s a ways off, but I love looking at these awesome wood veneer mobiles and imagining which one I would buy.

Speaking of babies, I was so excited to see Kate and William present little George to the world!  I love Kate.

A sweet, simple bouquet.

The best nail polishes for the environment and your body and why you should avoid certain ingredients.

Grilled artichokes – yum!

Really pretty free botanical prints.

Hahaha, love it -> Anthroparody: Bohemia just got a little more expensive.

A studio tour of one of my favorite people, a kick ass girl woodworker.

Speaking of wood: chevron cutting boards.  Awesome.

Pom-pom balloons.

A summer dress that looks like it could just float away.

Ah, this video is so cool.  Split screen love story, shot completely on a nokia phone.

Splitscreen: A Love Story from James W Griffiths on Vimeo.

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