Weekend Pretties

1Weekend Pretties July 12, 2013It has rained every single day for many, many days.3Weekend Pretties July 12, 2013Up early to gaze at my flowers through the fog.

2Weekend Pretties July 12, 2013After the rain comes at night, all the windows (even my camera lens) gets foggy and the humidity feels like a rain forest.
4Weekend Pretties July 12, 2013The sun came out for the Farmer’s Market and boy, the veggies were beautiful and abundant this week.
5Weekend Pretties July 12, 2013I bought a new-to-me vintage dress :)

Hey pretties.  How was your week? I hope I haven’t bored you with our travel posts.  I am so glad I have those memories recorded though because they will eventually fall out of my head and I’m pleased to know they’re cemented on this silly blog for posterity.

Any big plans for your weekend?  Tomorrow Parker and I are headed back up to the mountains to help his parents clean out Parker’s grandfather’s house who passed away in May.  It’s going to be a big job, but I’m told I may be rewarded in a set of three wooden vintage suitcases, so of course I’m totally game.  Here are some fun links I found while perusing the internet this week.  Hope you enjoy them if you too find yourself perusing the internet this weekend.

11 Secrets to Winning at Rock, Paper, Scissors

Successful people who had a rough go at their twenties.

Love this iPod dock that doubles as shelf decor.

Have you seen this? Jerry Sienfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee series.  My new favorite timesuck.

How cute are these cactus cupcakes?!

Ombre Eye Liner – cooooool.

Is it weird or awesome?  Beer flavored ice cream.

15 gluten free breakfast ideas.

There’s still time to get a lot of use out of this DIY before it gets too cold out.

A look for less that caught my eye.

Have you heard of cucamelons?  They kind of freak me out..

Really?  Are these back in style?

Amaranth chips?  I’m intrigued..

DIY block stamps.

I have no idea why, but found myself looking up this old video a few days ago and it still makes me smile:

Hope you have a great weekend!

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