Weekend Pretties

Kale and Qunioa Veggie Bowl

Parker and I both have been craving clean, light veggie dishes since getting back from vacation. Kale and quinoa almost every night this week!

Before we get to the good stuff in this post, we need to get serious for a second.  GOOGLE READER IS SHUTTING DOWN ON MONDAY!  I’ve been completely in denial and have continued using it, looking for no alternatives, like if I just ignored it, it wouldn’t happen.  But, it’s happening (darn you, Google!) and if you follow my silly blog on Google Reader, then I hope we can still be friends elsewhere.  Here are some options if you haven’t found one yet:

The Old Reader.  So far, this one looks like what I’ll be switching to.  It most resembles the old google reader (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, ya know?) and I think it has the cleanest, prettiest, easiest to use interface.  You can also import your Google Reader blogs pretty easily.

Feedly.  Everyone’s talking about it because with just a click, it transfers all your blogs from Google Reader so you don’t miss a beat.

Blog Lovin.  It’s got a pretty interface, but you can’t read all the content while scrolling, you have to click on each story.  Lots of people love it though!

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Okay, back to the regular scheduled programming.

1Weekend Pretties (All Sorts of PrettY)By far my favorite part about being back home.

3Weekend Pretties (All Sorts of PrettY)This skirt stayed packed neatly in my suitcase and never once made it out to play during our trip (such a shame!) so I took her out for a walk with Frank when we got back.

6Weekend Pretties (All Sorts of PrettY)It’s felt extra hard to get out of bed  at a decent hour this week.  I’m blaming it on the time change..

5Weekend Pretties (All Sorts of PrettY)So many flowers bloomed while we were gone.  It was a sweet surprise to welcome us home.

Hello, hello!  Happy Friday you guys.  How was your week?  Mine was….a complete vacation hangover.  Ugh, the worst too!  I’ve felt so lazy and unproductive and mournful for our awesome trip that is over.  No lie, I was feeling so proud that I had all the laundry (3 loads) done on Sunday, the first day we got home.  And then the clean clothes stayed in a wrinkled heap until…yesterday :-/.  I was this close to making myself proud and then the hangover hit.  Ah well!  We’ve got plans to go to the lake this weekend to visit with Parker’s family and I’m in charge of bringing dessert.  I stocked up on peaches at the farmer’s market this week and have an idea of how to use them – if it’s a success, I’ll post it here for you guys!

Hope you have a great weekend!  Here are some fun things I found this week if you’re in the mood to browse.

The presentation of this salad is enough to make we want to try it.

Just the thing I need to make to carry my haul at the farmer’s markets.

So excited for Sarah’s beautiful, handcrafted-in-the-USofA, housewares product line. I’m obsessed with the wood cutting boards!

Brilliant (and hopefully will save lives): A personal breathalyzer that plugs in to your smartphone.

How to feel pretty.

This sounded totally weird at first, but now I’m intrigued to try it.

Really thinking I need this set for craft projects.

Parker and I have eaten quinoa almost every day this week, but this recipe is one I never would have thought of using it in.

Hilarious mess-up in the bakery (“I said CAP, not cat!”).

The same Ikea piece in 10 different settings.  I think I need one now.

I don’t get political here, but Wednesday’s historical news makes me so excited for our country’s progress.  Love is love, people.  And this New Yorker cover is awesome :)

Have a great weekend :)

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