Weekend Pretties


Standing on the top of Mt. Evans in Colorado – it was so beautiful!

;kWe had always wanted to see Red Rocks Amphitheater so bought tickets to whoever was playing while we were there (ever heard of Big Head Todd and the Monsters?  We hadn’t…but it was fun!)


Then we flew to Seattle and spent a lot of time in the market and wandering around the city.


The best chowders I have ever tasted – all with fresh seafood from the market.


We took the train next down to Portland and we loved the  stunning view of the Puget Sound.
61b8a900d48311e2af7822000a1fb04e_7We indulged in Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland and let me tell you – they really are worthy of the hype.  Best doughnuts you will ever taste.

f390acdad48611e2bb6b22000a9f3c09_7And we also had coffee at Stumptown Coffee Roasters – a delightful little shop that played the entire Pretty on the Inside album by Hole (remember them?) and we talked about how the dream of the 90s really IS alive in Portland. :)

What a week!  A fan-freakin-tasic week :)  Parker and I have spent our days living completely in the moment, doing whatever fun things we can find in whatever city we find ourselves in at that moment.  Our days have been so full that we fall in to bed every night exhausted and sleep deeply until the sun wakes us up and we do it all over again.  All of these photos above are from Instagram and there’s lots more, so be sure to follow along there.

I hope you enjoyed the wedding posts from this week!  I had so much fun looking back at the day and writing memories to go with the images.  Thanks for indulging me :)

I don’t have a lot of links for this weekend, but I do have a few that I found yesterday when Parker and I vegged out in the hotel while it was raining in Portland (all the go, go, go had us craving for some downtime).  Have a lovely weekend, friends!  By the time you read this, Parker and I will be in transit to San Francisco and we’ll be celebrating our anniversary on Sunday by running the SF Half Marathon (and then eating pizza afterward!).

Macrame is making a comeback!  Here’s a DIY I want to try.

A map showing how differently Americans pronounce the same words (this was so much fun to go through and dead-on for the South).

Vodka soaked gummi bears?  Um, count me in.

Also from Elsie and Emma, Watermelon Jello and Sea Salt that looks awesome.

How to manage your inbox like a pro.

I always love seeing Sarah’s cabin renovation progress.  Here’s the master bedroom update.

What a unique and beautiful cake topper.

A beautiful post about what if IVF doesn’t work (but fingers crossed that it does work for Mara and Danny!).


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