Weekend Pretties

3Weekend Pretties June 7

My nightly reading lately.

4Weekend Pretties June 7

So many places to see in our (relatively) short two week trip.

2Weekend Pretties June 7

A favorite scarf I’ve held on to for years will finally see the light of day again on this trip (if I can iron out the wrinkled state it’s currently in).
5Weekend Pretties June 7

My delusional first attempt at pulling clothes for my *one* carryon suitcase.

TGIF, amiright?!  I can’t believe the trip I’ve been looking forward to for six months is finally upon us.  Tomorrow morning Parker and I head west and we could not be more excited – we start out in Colorado, then head to Seattle, take the scenic train down to Portland before flying to San Francisco (where we celebrate our anniversary by running the SF Half Marathon) and then we’ll rent a car to drive the Pacific Coast Highway down to LA before coming back.  We’ve got lots to see and do in two weeks and I feel good and ready to leave – bags are packed, house is spotless for the house sitters, itinerary is loaded in to TripIt and we are set.  I can’t wait to share all our fun adventures with you guys – be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook (I just set up a page there) because I’ll be sharing lots of photos and updates there all along the way.

The blog won’t be too quiet while I’m gone though – next week I’ve got a full week of pretty wedding posts planned.  I figured since I wasn’t blogging when we were married last year, our first anniversary is a good time to share all the fun and pretty things that went in to our big day.  And then the second week we’re gone I’ve got some more love themed posts planned (I just love love, don’t you?) with some free printables of love song lyrics that I guarantee you know and (probably) love as much as I do.

Hope your weekend is a great one!  Any traveling or fun things planned?  Here are some fun links I found that you may find interesting if you’re in the mood to browse the web:

Finally!  Giant washi tape for your home (hey renters, check it out!).

Oh man, this gave me nostalgia for the 90s (you will keep hearing me say nice things about the 90s FYI – fair warning).

I love following Sarah along on her cabin renovation, and especially love the patio right now.

Don’t let a little rain bring ya down – bring that picnic inside if weather isn’t being nice.

You’ll see next week, but I really love a good backyard wedding and this one looks just dreamy.

A really sweet post about what marriage means (hint: it’s the little things).

Have you seen the new show “American Baking Competition“?  Parker and I saw it for the first time and loved it!  He begged me to “get in that kitchen and bake me something, woman!” hah :)

I am loving this new swimsuit site – so many suits and free shipping and returns so you can try on in the comfort of your own home and return what you don’t like.

I always love hearing about the Blair’s interesting experience with French schools.

Easiest ever DIY jewelry rack (and so mod, too) – why didn’t I think of that?

Oh heck yes: Rhubarb and Grand Marnier Tart.

This picture made me gasp with excitement to get my own for 2014.

And lastly, this video of a parrot dancing (with better moves than I have, I might add) is completely amazing.  If you’re at work, you can mute it and still be impressed.

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  1. Niquelle

    My hubby and I are planning a West Coast adventure for our third anniversary coming up in August! I look forward to hearing about your trip and maybe visiting places you guys discover.

    Have a wonderful trip and kick but at the half marathon!


    • Katy

      Aw, thank you so much, Niquelle! I will definitely be posting about our favorite places to visit so you can get see if they are places you guys will want to see too. Are you going to San Francisco? I hear August is the perfect time to visit SF because it finally gets warm (like 70s) most days.


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