Weekend Pretties

Weekend Pretties | May 31The magnolias are big and beautiful right now (and smell amazing) – this one was bigger than my head!
Weekend Pretties | May 31…I literally could not believe how big this bloom was.
Weekend Pretties | May 31My new favorite flowy top for summer with neon embroidery.
3Weekend Pretties | May 31
Delicate gold jewelry has always been my favorite and Urban Outfitters is delivering right now with this necklace and heart ring (vintage thumb ring).
Weekend Pretties | May 31Weekend Pretties | May 31I can’t get enough of these beauties.  It’s amazing how something so perfect just grows on trees.

Hey, happy Friday!  Can you believe tomorrow is June 1st?  I can’t – and I also can’t believe how quickly our anniversary is coming up!  We leave for our two week anniversary hop-across-America tour a week from tomorrow.  I am getting so excited and trying to remember things to do and buy before then.  This weekend will be spent trying to do exactly that – line up some blog posts while I’m away, start strategic outfit planning (I need two weeks worth of clothes in one carry-on bag – eep!), running some errands and checking off to-do lists.  And hopefully spend some time outside, even if it’s supposed to rain a bit. What are you up to this weekend?  Here are some fun links I found this week, if you are in a browsing sort of mood.

I saw this series of exploding flowers a couple years ago, but it’s been making the rounds again and is worth looking at.  They’re stunning!

Super cool peacock chair makeover with a little spray paint and yarn.

10 ways to DIY a cocktail stir stick.

This girl does the most chic and fashionable DIYs.  Like these gladiator sandals.

A must-make this summer: Lemon Tart with Candied Lemons.

I can’t even explain how excited this geode street art project makes me.  Definitely going to try to find a couple on our trip to SF and LA.

Affordable (and beautiful) art by Michelle Armas.

Love this orange crush inspired wedding shoot.

Parker and I often talk about settling down in Nashville one day when we’re ready to start a family and this park makes me think it might be the perfect place.

This tiny cabin in the hills of Los Angles is so stylish and homey.

Hey DIY brides (or party-throwers) – did you know you can print on cocktail napkins with your inkjet printer?

3 super healthy salads that look amazing.  Perfect for summer.

This senior citizen got one heck of a cool apartment makeover, thanks to Emily Henderson.

How to get your photos perfectly exposed every time.

And lastly, this Portlandia clip made me laugh so hard – I used to work in art consulting and this was my life:

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