Wardrobe (green with) Envy

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us (this weekend!) – are you the kind of person that dresses in green for the occasion?  I’m not, I’ll be totally honest.  I don’t really think about the “holiday” that much and usually go about my day as usual, not thinking about what to wear aaaand then I usually get pinched.

This year will probably be no different since I don’t have any plans to go out to celebrate……what exactly do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for?… but if I did have plans (and unlimited funds, of course), here are three different looks I would consider.

St. Patrick's Day Wardrobe Envy | All Sorts of Pretty

Cardigan: Anthropologie, Top: ASOS, Shorts: LC Lauren Conrad, Shoes: Modcloth

Outfit #1 I would totally wear to go hang out in Piedmont Park all day to people watch and picnic or drink green beer at Park Tavern.  The weather this past weekend so beautiful, I’m thinking it’s an acceptable time to bring out the shorts.  Just don’t forget a sweater!  This time of year is notorious for being warm in the sunshine and cold in the shadows.

Top: AnthropologiePants: J. CrewShoes: AnthropologieCardigan: Forever 21

I like Outfit #2 for a casual night out for dinner and cocktails – there’s enough green to avoid getting pinched, but it doesn’t scream “HEY GUYS I’M DRESSED FOR ST. PATTY’S DAY, SEE?!??!”

St. Patrick's Day Wardrobe Envy | All Sorts of Pretty

Dress: Shopbop, Shoes: Gucci (no longer available but I couldn’t help sharing!) – these and these would also be great.

Ah, a girl can dream can’t she?  How beautiful is this emerald green column dress?  I have seemingly no event planned in the foreseeable future to wear such a dress (except in my dreams of course!), but maybe one of you has the perfect, sophisticated soiree to attend this St. Patrick’s Day and I’ve just handed you the dress of your dreams on a silver platter.  And those shoes are the jam, but I found them on Pinterest eons ago so of course they’re gone but I couldn’t let that stop me from posting them here.  A dream dress with dream shoes doesn’t need to be 100% available, ya know what I mean?

So what do you think?  Should one go totally all out to get down with St. Patrick and dress in head to toe green complete with green mardi gras beads, or is it acceptable to wear a cute outfit that happens to incorporate green elements?  I have a hard time with theme dressing, so this is more my style, but I love seeing other people’s creativity with their ensembles.  Last year I was getting my hair cut on St. Patrick’s Day and my salon sits a couple stories above a busy street in Midtown so I got to see a lot of people dressed in their greenest, finest, outfits stroll about on their way to their next bar.

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