I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about my wardrobe and the sad state it’s currently in.  Tell me if this sounds familiar: I see something cute, it’s cheap or on sale so I buy it and then it sits in my closet barely ever getting worn because it turns out I didn’t love it as much as I loved the price.  Maybe it’s a habit left over from college and post-college years where money was so tight that I had no choice but to find the cheapest available option.  But after having so many clothes end up either tattered and worn too soon or exiled to the back of my closet because it’s not really that cute or special, and also realizing that I basically wear the same five things over and over again, I’ve decided it’s time to invest in fewer, more versatile and quality pieces.  I read once from another blogger that when she goes shopping and sees something she wants, she imagines wearing it three different ways, and if she can then she buys it.  That’s a rule that I think will help keep me from getting distracted among all the pretty things and focus in on what will make me happy long term.

These are some pieces I’ve got my eye on right now.  They’re all things I can see myself wearing several different ways – a versatile and functional starting point to building my new wardrobe.

Rustic Leather Tote and Structured Black Shoulder Bag – both by ONA, these are super-stylish camera bags so I would be able to carry my camera everywhere while still looking stylish.  But what I love most is that they look great on their own so I don’t actually have to use it to hold my camera.

Sequined Baseball Tee by Calypso St. Barth – I saw this on Pinterest last week and it made me heart flutter.  It’s genius: sparkly so it can be dressed up with black pants or a skirt and heels (and a bright red lip), but the baseball silhouette also lends itself perfectly to a casual look with jeans as well.  On sale for $299, it’s definitely an investment piece (for me at least), but I can see myself wearing it over and over again so it just might be worth it.

Neautral Flats with a Pop of Color by Seychelles – Easy, unsuspecting flats with cute flare because of the pop of color and the shape of the shoe.  I love these d’Orsay flats that leave your foot bridge exposed, but promis to stay on with the colored ankle strap.

Two-Tone Leather Wedges by Seychelles – Wide enough straps to make these fit closely so they’re easy to walk in plus two-toned leather to make them visually interesting and you’ve got yourself one of the most versatile wedges out there.  I can see these in summer with flowy dresses and skinny jeans or in the winter paired with tights.

Edgy Black Slingbacks – Black so they go with everything, but the gold details in the heel and the sexy slingback mean they’ve got ‘tude and can turn your outfit in to an ensemble.

Printed Pointed Toe Flats – the southwestern print is so on trend right now, but this neutral take and d’Orsay silhouette makes me think they won’t be going out of style any time soon.

Fitted Cropped Pants by J. Crew – They promise that these pants are the most flattering and comfortable with the bi-cross stretch.  They had me at flattering.

Distressed Skinny Jeans – these are by Hollister, and I really like these jeans in theory, but the search for the perfect fit will require lots of dressing room time.

So what do you think?  Have I convinced you that I NEED these pieces?!  If so, would you mind helping convince my husband?  :)

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