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A while ago I picked up a pair of high waisted flare jeans in a thrift store for like $8 and I have been wearing them constantly the past few weeks.  They are my favorite jeans these days and I’m hopeful the style will make a comeback this fall.  Skinny jeans are great, but they’ve been absolutely everywhere for several years and I think a change in silhouette would be nice right about now.  These are some options I’m loving.

Anthropologie Flare JeansMother Runaway Flare Jeans | MiH Marrakesh Wide Leg Jeans | MiH Cape Easy Bell Jeans

I actually splurged and bought those middle jeans – they are so super flattering and well made, a good investment purchase for sure.

Free People Aztec Stripe Ziggy Super FlaresFree People

I know, they’re super hippie pants, and you really gotta be able to rock these with confidence, but otherwise, I think these are so fun.  If I saw someone wearing these on the street, I would probably watch them walk by thinking they were so cool.

EM1004-009-000.medium-1I’ve always heard people rave about Emerson Frye’s jeans for their perfect fit and timeless silhouette.  These are on super sale too, so get ’em while they’re hot!

Free People flare leggingsBorder Print Bell Bottoms | Devil Knit Pants

Ummmmmm, these are actually more like leggings rather than real pants, but cool enough that you could get away with wearing these out everywhere.  Amazing.  You can look bohemian and cool but feel like you’re in yoga pants.  Moms, get on this.

What do you think?  Not quite ready to bring back the bells or are you excited for something other than skinny jeans this fall?

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  1. Dena

    I would freakin give an ARM and a LEG for some gosh darn AFFORDABLE High waited bell bottoms and flare leggings. Seriously?! 100+ for leggings is just silly and I have been on the hunt for a WHILE.
    Jeans wise I am debating on splurging for the J Brand “The Doll” They are amazing… http://www.shopbop.com/doll-high-waist-bell-bottom/vp/v=1/1597873190.htm?fm=search-shopbysize

    BUT I did luck out the other day at target and got high waisted bells for like $20 Just now saw they released a dark wash. I will be getting a 2nd pair FOR SURE!


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