Update and Weekend Pretties on a Monday

photo 1 (1)Packing up my glassware took forever.

afterlightMore glassware I can’t seem to part with (these were used in our wedding).photo 2 (2)As excited as I am for our new house, I will miss our big, suburban bathroom with all it’s storage and room for two people to get ready in at the same time.  A lot.  (Also: two car garage, gonna miss that.)photo 2 (1)Said one last goodbye to our yard and the big shade tree out back.photo 4Two people, too much stuff.
photo 2We decided to store almost everything in the basement for now and just bring up boxes as we’re ready to unpack them so we don’t get overwhelmed and have boxes everywhere.  To make things easier, my dad brought over his four wheeler and trailer to take loads from the moving truck down to the basement so we didn’t have to take a thousand exhausting trips up and down stairs.  Brilliant!
photophoto 3I love the light and the wood floors in our new bedroom.

We finally moved this weekend!  After a hard month of renovations and work at the new house, we finally packed up and moved everything over.  It was a tough weekend, I’m not gonna lie.  We decided not to hire movers this time since we got rid of most of our furniture and *we thought* we wouldn’t have much to move at all.  We still have way too much stuff (even after two garage sales and countless drop offs at the Goodwill!!), but I’m gonna work real hard at reducing (I am!).  Anyway, it was a long and hard weekend, with still so. much. work left.  I’m only hopping on the computer for a quick minute to write this update, then it’s back to work.  Our appliances arrive later on today and our sofa arrives Wednesday so hopefully it will start looking  more like a normal house this week.

Oh and did I tell you?  Our entire kitchen renovation had to halt last week due to some out of stock countertops.  If you can’t put countertops in, then you can’t put the backsplash up.  And if you can’t put the backsplash up, then you can’t install your beautiful new open shelves.  So, we won’t have a finished kitchen for a few more weeks, bummer.  And our beloved dog, Frank, has been staying at my parent’s house during this chaotic time and we tried to bring him home last night and he kind of looked us like, “Why’d you bring me to this crap hole?” so he’s gone back to stay with Gramma and Grampa until we’re a little more settled.

I’m so exhausted, SO ready to have a cozy home to relax in, and have a normal schedule again (and my dog back!) but I know all of our hard work will pay off in the end.  Here are some fun links to look through for your Monday.  I hope you have a good week!

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Chili season is upon us!  Here are some ideas for what to do with left overs.

And finally, this bit by George Carlin on “stuff” is funny but so true – and I couldn’t stop thinking about it as I was packing up all of our STUFF last week.

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  1. Joelle

    Your new floors are beautiful! And I can’t blame you for not wanting to get rid of your glassware. I have the same problem…

    • Katy

      Thank you, Joelle! And, at least if we’re hoarders it’s of pretty things, right? ;-)


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