Thunderstorms on a Monday

We had thunderstorms – delicious, gloomy, wrap-me-up-in-a-blanket, kind of thunderstorms all day today and the sun never peeked out, not even once.  And when those kinds of perfect storms happen on a Monday, and you have the luxury of getting to pretend like it’s Sunday on repeat, you do that.  Because why not?  So that’s what I did.  Made breakfast and coffee, then another cup of coffee (decaf these days, so it’s not like it matters), opened the windows, and hunkered down with my iPad reading through the archives of my favorite blog right now, House Inhabit.  Jessica’s blog embodies all of my California dreams and makes me wish we had up and moved out west last summer like Parker and I talked about.  Ah well, living vicariously through her blog will have to suffice (and truly, I do love living in Atlanta, no complaints here).  Something about the juxtaposition of listening to the rain outside and reading about/seeing gorgeous pictures of sunshiny southern California was so good.  Made me appreciate the spring showers in the present and helped me look forward to the hot summer in the future.  She has three wild and adorable little boys too, which of course makes me wish for a group of unruly, dirty, and rambunctious boys of my own one day to keep me on my toes (and then I realize the camera can’t possibly capture the trials she must go through every day so maybe my wishes needn’t be so urgent). :)

Also, now that Frank is 11 and can’t hear very well at this stage in his life, I can FINALLY enjoy thunderstorms without a scared, shaking, neurotic 75 lb dog climbing all over me, desperately seeking safety from the sky that is surely falling.  When really big thunder claps came and shook the whole house, he would look up, a little confused as to what that was, and find his seat between the sofa and coffee table, staying out of the way of whatever “that” was.  What he couldn’t hear didn’t harm him.  It’s bittersweet; one day I will really miss comforting him during those storms, when he so truly believes that the world is ending.  But for years I‘ve wished for some peace to just enjoy them.  So today that’s what I did.

My biggest accomplishments today were finally putting away the mountain of laundry that I had been steathily neglecting for days (and days…) and making it out for a matinee viewing of The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I have to admit, was the first Wes Anderson film I’ve ever seen (I KNOW, take away my blogger card, I’m a fraud).  The photography, the set design, the costumes – everything was so beautiful and I can certainly understand why Wes Anderson has such a following.  ButI fell asleep about halfway through.  I fall asleep in a lot of movies though, so I’m not suggesting the movie was boring (butit kind of was in parts).  I just really shouldn’t be allowed to spend $10 on a movie when chances are good that I might not see the whole thing.  Oh well.

Tomorrow I get back to work, vowing to get the basement in order and do some touch up work on the doors I installed last week.  But tonight, I’m going to stretch out this lazy day a bit more and pretend it’s still Sunday.





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