The 50s Ranch House Tour

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that we moved.  About a month ago.  We moved out of this cute mid century ranch home!  All the hard work we put in to it, all the money spent renovating, the lovely neighbors and quiet neighborhood – we left it all behind, are we crazy?!  I loved this home and it was the perfect starter home for Parker and I, and then eventually Charlie too when he joined us.

Before I started packing, I decided I needed to finally take pictures of the house to document this time in our lives.  I had planned to photograph as I went along with the renovation, but it turns out that I’m a terrible interiors photographer and my equipment is just not cut out for these small spaces so it’s challenging.  Enough with the excuses though, I’m finally revealing every room in the house!  Except for the basement, which was a complete wreck until we moved out and though I may be an oversharer on the internet, I’m much too self conscious to show THAT.  And I also forgot to photograph the exterior, which we did a lot of work on.  I’ll see if I can find a photo somewhere.  Anyway, on with the tour! 1livingroom 2livingroom We rearranged furniture right before Charlie came, we used to have the sofa against the window for a more open feel.  It just didn’t vibe right there though, and this configuration was the right balance.3entry 4livingroom 5dining You’l notice the photos below are old, from when I originally shot my kitchen (I didn’t feel like doing it again) and the only real difference between then and now is the shelf I added to hold our glasses and coffee mugs.  Yeah, I built and painted that while Parker was at work one day when I was 8 months and change pregnant.  I was a nesting MACHINE.10our-completed-kitchen-All-Sorts-of-Pretty our-completed-kitchen-All-Sorts-of-Pretty2 This kitchen surprisingly had a lot of storage.  You wouldn’t think so, but it has more than my current kitchen now!  Although I do get a pantry at the new house, so that’s a total win. 6study This room used to be my office, but after Charlie came, we needed another bed option so Parker could get some sleep when Charlie was having rough nights.  This sofa is like a futon that folds down in to a twin size bed and he slept here for like, five months.  Not ideal, but we made it work!7master 11master In our room, we had to remove our bed frame and just have the mattress on the floor once Charlie was crawling.  We just didn’t feel comfortable having him in the bed with us otherwise (we cosleep).  It proved to be a great decision because he loved climbing in and out of bed and turns out, we really liked being low to the ground too.  The room is *tiny* and had no room for a dresser so we made do with those baskets in that credenza, and by KonMari-ing the sh*t out of our closets.  I literally moved all of my clothing items – including seasonal, workout gear, sleepwear, and underwear – in one big bin. 12halfbath 13halfbath It’s hard to photograph such a small space, but this is the little Jack-and-Jill half bath between the bedrooms.  It was a total mess before (I just realized I never showed before pictures – I have to do that, you gotta see it).  It was all brown tile, a tiny medicine cabinet and an old rusted sink…and a wood toilet seat!  For some reason that really grosses me out.  We wiped the slate clean with new tile, paint, vanity, toilet, and giant medicine cabinet for storage.  After doing all of that, the space didn’t feel nearly as cramped and unusable.  And it gets great light too, so this is where I always put on my makeup. (Pssst – see Charlie sleeping above? :) 14charlies 15charlies 16charlies 17charlies This is Charlie’s room on the other side of the bath.  If you remember his nursery tour, I changed things up a bit.  When he started crawling, I decided to make it a Monterssori style bedroom for him to foster independence and encourage him to play by himself (and I was hoping, sleep by himself on his floor bed – no dice, that part didn’t work). I took down all of the regular-paged books and replaced them with board books he could go nuts with.  I put toys in his book case, not too many so he wouldn’t get overwhelmed, and built a pull up bar to encourage his standing and pull up skills.  He loved this room and so did I.  It was a fun and cheery place. 18hallway 19hallway Here’s our hallway, nothing changed here from last time I shared this space. 20fullbath 21fullbath 22fullbath This is the other bathroom we renovated.  We kept everything the same for consistency since the house is so small and we just wanted a bright and open feel for both tiny baths.  This one again was in dire need of a makeover, and was a pleasure to use once we did.

So, that’s it.  We lived in this home just a couple weeks shy of two years and made some great memories here.  This was the house I brought Charlie home to from the hospital!  This was our first grown up purchase together!  We moved out first and then spent some time getting everything just right before putting it up on the market and we had a contract within a couple of days of it going live.  I wasn’t sad until that moment, when I had to sign the contract and I started imagining another family living in this home that we made ours.  It was so different when we bought it, and we made her real pretty.  We made her ours.  I love our new home (I’ll show that one ASAP!) but there are some sentimental memories in this sweet ranch for sure.

Hope you enjoyed!  I sure enjoyed living here. :)

Oh and here is the before and after of the exterior.  I had to pull the image off of google street view for the before.Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.22.16 PM copy 5607733-01-alt 5607733


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  1. Susan Atwood

    It was a great house and I so enjoyed the time I spent working with you there. Lots of great memories to make in the new home!

  2. Naina

    You have a great eye for design Katy! Happy memory making in your new place :)

  3. Katie


    Lovely house! Where did you purchase the bathroom vanities from? They are perfect! We are going to be switching some out in our new house and those are exactly what I was picturing. Thanks!


    • Katy

      These were custom made by a cabinet maker unfortunately. Our space was so small that we had very little wiggle room and ended up just having them made. It wasn’t any more expensive than buying a stock vanity though!

  4. Sumiyah

    I love your place!!! Similar to what I plan on doing…. I wanted to know if you remember where you bought your bedroom blinds and the baskets in the living room?


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