The 50s Ranch House – Progress Update I

photo 4 (1)That wall between the living and dining room came down yesterday and immediately flooded the dining room with light.  Such an improvement.  I stood there after the workers left and just stared, trying to picture it all done.  Trying to picture myself  in the kitchen prepping dinner and Parker telling me about his day from the living room. Girlfriends propped up at the bar chatting while I fuss around in the kitchen.  Curling up to a movie on the sofa.  Little ones playing and running around.  We’re still a ways off, but it feels so good to see progress.  photo 3 (1)

In other news, I seem to have developed a rare condition called “Home Renovator’s Insomnia” which is similar to a previous condition I had called “Wedding Planning Insomnia” when Parkerand I were engaged.  It’s where you are working so hard for so long and are so excited with the work you’re doing that sleep escapes you.  No joke, I woke up at 1:15am thinking surely it must be time to get up and get back to work!  Which I would totally do if we actually lived in the home we are renovating.  But we’re a solid 40 minutes away and so instead I get on Pinterest and pin away for hours when I should be sleeping.

Anyway!  That’s the update around here.  This renovation is all encompassing so I hope you don’t hate me for posting about nothing else.

Check out the rest of our plans for this home here.

3 Responses to “The 50s Ranch House – Progress Update I”

  1. Jamie @jforjamie

    This is so exciting! I definitely feel you with the “insomnia”, sometimes our minds just won’t let ust sleep it’s so full of ideas! Can’t wait to see your finished home, good luck!

    • Katy

      Thanks Jessica, so much! It has been a ton of work, but luckily I’m working with great people so it hasn’t really been stressful. Just exhausting in that good, productive way :)


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