love print

Love Print – You’re My Sweetheart

We all love this song by The Lumineers right?  Okay good.  I have sang these few lines to Parker so many times he’s begged me to stop :)  And have you heard these two little girls sing it?  Get outta town.  Anyway, I thought this was a good song to make a Love Print with […]

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Love Print – I’ll Be Loving You Always

This song by Stevie Wonder has a special place in my heart because I remember dancing to it around the campfire at my wedding and having a blast.  And the lyrics are so great that I couldn’t pick just one line.  Listen to the song while reading the lyrics to really appreciate it. Click here […]

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Love Print – Fool for You

Hey guys!  Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Parker and I ran the SF Half Marathon yesterday!  13.1 miles, I can’t believe it. We’re continuing to celebrate our anniversary this week by driving the Pacific Coast Highway down to LA before flying back Saturday.  To celebrate love just a little bit more on the blog […]

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