Home Making – Bedroom Inspiration

This weekend Parker and I went to look at beds.  West Elm was having a sale on the bed we were thinking of buying and we wanted to see it in person before pulling the trigger.  But when we got there and saw the quality of the piece, we were underwhelmed (think Ikea quality for […]

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Home Making – Art from Help Ink

Bee Kind art print Happy Monday you guys!  Did you see our big news on Facebook this weekend?  The house we had our fingers crossed so hard for is (practically) ours!  We’re officially under contract.  It all happened so quickly…We met with our realtor for the first time last Saturday, then Tuesday he showed us […]

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BRB! We might have found a house!

You guys, this is happening so fast!  Seriously, just two weeks ago my husband and I thought we were moving out of Atlanta, in search for greener grass on the other side, and in that time we’ve not only decided to stay, but I think we may have found us a house too!  To buy. […]

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