Strawberry Pocket Pies

Strawberry Pocket Pies | All Sorts of PrettyThis weekend Parker and I went to his family reunion in South Georgia and, being that I had never met most of (the 135!!) people there, I wanted to bring something fun for dessert that would hopefully go over well and earn me a favorable spot in the family.  I decided to bake something quintessentially summer that would also have a fun and memorable presentation – these mini pies seemed like just the thing.

We stopped at a farm stand a few days before and got a gallon of the freshest, reddest, sweetest strawberries I had ever tasted and I got to work making these cute, single-serve pies.  They were a big hit and would be great to bring to any summertime gathering.

Strawberry Pocket Pies | All Sorts of PrettyI got this great pocket pie mold here last summer and instantly loved the lattice design and the fact that I wouldn’t have to laboriously cut and place strips of dough for the lattice.  For just a few dollars, this is a piece I’ve used over and over and never get tired of the cute factor that each pie brings.

These could be made with lots of different fillings, but be sure that the filling doesn’t contain much liquid or they could be a mess.  Also, you can certainly make your own pie dough, but to save time, I bought mine.  I love making my own pie crust, but these are already pretty labor intensive (if you make as many as I did) so store-bought is a smart move for these.

Strawberry Pocket Pies | All Sorts of PrettyStrawberry Pocket Pies | All Sorts of PrettyIf the weather’s nice, take your strawberries outside to be cut.  :)

Strawberry Pocket Pies | All Sorts of Pretty

I’ve scaled this recipe down to yield about 8 mini pies.  Each roll of dough will give you 2 pies as it’s rolled out normally, but will give you 2 more when you combine the scraps and roll out again.  Careful not to over-knead though or the dough will shrink and be difficult to work with.


Lattice pocket pie mold

2 rolls of store bought pie dough (1 box)

4 cups strawberries

1/2 cup sugar, plus more for sprinkling on top

1 egg, beaten for eggwash


First, prepare strawberries by washing, cutting, and then sprinkling sugar over top and gently stirring to incorporate.  Place in refrigerator for 30 minutes, up to overnight, to macerate and get gooey with juice.  This syrup that is being created will be strained and won’t end up in the pies, but save it!  You can mix it in to cocktails or make non-alcoholic refreshing coolers with it.  If you have enough, you can even make popsicles!

To make the pies:

1.  Lay out your pie dough and using the cutter side, press in to dough to cut out pie shapes.

2.  Lift mold off dough and make sure it’s been stamped all the way through.

3 & 4.  Pull excess dough apart, but to not discard, then punch out lattice holes.

5.  Gently lift and place the bottom pie piece in the mold without the indentations around the edges.

6.  Place about 3 tablespoons of filling in the pie, making sure to strain off most of the liquid.

7.  Brush on a layer of egg wash around the edge of the pie (this will help ensure it stays closed).

8 & 9.  Place lattice pie dough on top and close the pie mold and press firmly until the sides are sealed all around.

10.  Flip over and release pie (you may have to gently pull the sides off the mold, but then it will pop right out).

11.  Give the top of the pie a coat of egg wash to give it a nice golden brown color during baking.

12.  Sprinkle some sugar on top for a pretty touch.  Tip:  If you find your edges are browning too fast, sprinkle more sugar on just the edges before baking; the sugar will act as a pie shield.

Strawberry Pocket Pies | All Sorts of Pretty

Strawberry Pocket Pies | All Sorts of PrettyStrawberry Pocket Pies | All Sorts of Pretty

Strawberry Pocket Pies | All Sorts of PrettyEnjoy!  Strawberry season is almost over, but the summer offers lots of delicious fruits that can be used instead: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, rhubarb – whatever suits you at the moment!

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  1. A.Co

    HOLY SNAP, these look AWESOME!!! Well done! I’m a HUUUUUGE pie lover so these really take the cake ;)

    • Katy

      You mean take the “pie” – ha! Just kidding :) Thanks so much for the sweet comment!

  2. Kathleen

    These looks SO cute and tasty! I’ve never heard of pocket pie molds before – I might have to get my hands on one.

    • Katy

      Aren’t they adorable?! And for $7, not a bad price to get a mold that you’ll use over and over throughout the years. Thanks for the comment, Kathleen! :)

  3. Katie Starr

    I just bought this pie mold! I can’t wait to try it with your recipe!
    Thanks for such a great blog post, and impeccable timing! lol

    This is my first time visiting, but I’ll make a point of coming back often! :)

    • Katy

      Oh yay, I can’t wait for you to try these yourself – they’re so cute! Thanks for the sweet comment, Katie! :)

  4. Puja

    Katie, love your blog. It’s very refreshing and enjoyable – keep it up!

    • Katy

      Hah, no problem. Thanks so much, Puja! I appreciate it so much! :)

  5. Amrith

    How long do you bake it??? but other than that these look amazing and I really want to make them


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