Last night I was going to bed and caught a look at myself in the mirror and laughed and said to my husband, “Look at me!  I look like a cross between a college student and a hobo!”  Right then and there I decided that my over-sized sweats and threadbare shirts were just not appropriate for newlywed sleepwear.  In my head I pictured watching an episode of “What Not to Wear” where Stacy and Clinton throw out the most unflattering, aged, shapeless and worn out items while the contestant pleads with them “But it’s so comfortable!!” – that cannot be me.  So I’m on a mission to find acceptable sleepwear that is both comfortable and cute (not necessarily “sexy” since that’s just not maintainable for every night, for me at least) but something I can lounge around the house in and go to sleep in all the while looking young, fresh and effortlessly chic.

allsortsofprettysleepwear1.) These J. Crew pajamas are polished enough (for sleepwear) to feel acceptable walking outside to get the newspaper. 2.) I’ve always wanted a sleepmask, especially for travel if you can’t block out all the light and this one has a sense of humor.  3.) I love the color of these and the pants look a little extra baggy, perfect for crawling inside a blanket to watch TV.  4.) I love sleeping in my husband’s shirts, but if I bought this sleepshirt, maybe he could have them back.  5.) I am also constantly stealing my husband’s socks (they’re the best!) but I’m sure he would appreciate me having my own.  6.) I’ve never done house slippers, but my feet are always freezing so maybe I should consider it.  7.) A feminine, comfy looking robe is something every woman should have in their closet and this one is perfect.

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