Pretty Prints by Blanca Gómez

Blanca Gómez, In the Neighborhood printIn the NeighborhoodBlanca Gómez, In the Park printIn the Park

Aren’t these prints by Blanca Gómez just darling?  I am so, so in love with her playful and whimsical, yet totally modern style.  These images remind me so much of my favorite books from childhood that I used to let myself get lost in (and to be totally honest, one of the parts of future parenthood that I look most forward to is reading all those great books again!).

Blanca Gómez, Monsieur II printMonsieur II

Lately I’ve found my style for art and decor evolving.  I heard a phrase recently that has stuck with me because it perfectly describes exactly what I’ve been most drawn to but didn’t realize.  The phrase was “carefully curated white space”. MIND BLOWN.  (Okay, I may be a late bloomer, all you mid-century modern enthusiasts that have been all about this concept for a long time, but bear with me, k?) The idea that you don’t have to fill every space with something.  That it can be even more interesting to leave some space blank.  Quiet.  Calm.  Liberating even.  Let the best stuff stand on it’s own and tell it’s own story.

Blanca Gómez, Monsieur IV print Monsieur IVBlanca Gómez, On the Roof print On the Roof

But anyway, back to these awesome prints.  I think that’s what drew me to Blanca’s work.  She has this skill of carefully curating white space down to a brilliant art and I admire that so much.  And even though she leaves a lot of space neutral, her use of color is so modern and full of energy that it feels so playful and free spirited.  And I love so much that her illustrations depict simple pleasures like holding a balloon, blowing bubbles, admiring smoke rising from a chimney.  So sweet!

Blanca Gómez, Traffic Jam printTraffic JamBlanca Gómez, Smoke printSmoke

I swear I’m not expecting a babe anytime soon, but I’ve already planned an entire nursery in my head around these prints above.  But the most wonderful thing of all is that these prints, though great for children’s rooms, would also work brilliantly in  adult spaces too.  And I think that’s exactly where I am going to have to put a few in our new home!

Shop Blanca Gomez prints (she has SO many more than just these above) in her Etsy shop or on her website. Thanks for letting me obsess over your work on this silly blog, Blanca!  xoxo 

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  1. Sarah Stäbler

    These are wonderful! I especially love the Traffic Jam print and the Monsieur II & IV! I might just have to buy one of these prints for our gallery wall…!

    You’re right though. They’d be PERFECT for a nursery!


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