Peach Pit Scrubber – A Green Way to Clean

Dish scrubber made from cotton, polyester and PEACH PITS - cool!File this under: Freakin’ Cool.

I was recently gifted this dish scrubber made out of peach pits by a couple of friends who know how much I like weird, granola, earth-friendly things.  I had never heard of such a thing, but I was immediately stoked to try it (I mean…as much as you can be to wash dishes, right? ;)

Here’s the thing.  My husband bought a jumbo-size pack of those blue scrub pads like two years ago so I’ve been scrubbing away, trying to use them up even though I hate that the tougher side leaves behind little fibers if it gets snagged even a little bit.  And I always use them for way too long because I feel so wasteful just throwing them out, knowing they’ll probably take like 10 years or something to break down in the landfill.  And I never get around to throwing them in boiling water to sanitize them (who’s got time for that?) so it’s probably really gross how much bacteria is on them.  We’re finally almost to the end of our jumbo supply of blue scrubbing pads though and I had been looking for a greener alternative so this came at a perfect time.

Dish scrubber made from cotton, polyester and PEACH PITS - cool!The label reads:

  • Scrub made of cotton, polyester and peach pit
  • Designed for general cleaning purposes and removal of food and stains on glass, wood, plastic, high-quality nonstick pans or materials prone to dulling or scratches
  • Reduces and eliminates harmful soaps and detergents, helping to save money and the environment
  • Unique shape makes tricky cleaning jobs easy; Scrub lasts for months, dries quickly and completely to eliminate mildew and lacks mold
  • Little to no detergent needed

How awesome is that?!  I tried it out and I’m so in love (I mean…as much as you can be to wash dishes, right? ;)  No, it’s awesome.  I washed a whole sink full of dishes with this thing and it got the job done like a champ.  And I didn’t need to use much detergent at all – the tiniest bit suds up like no other.  So now my conscience is also clear about contaminating the water supply a little less.  Phew.

Dish scrubber made from cotton, polyester and PEACH PITS - cool!Once you start using it, it turns curly like a big bunch of spaghetti (it’s also known as the Spaghetti Scrub) and it’s really easy to grip in your hand and can get to really hard to reach places.  Also, I don’t know why but it cleans the blades in my juicer way better than my old blue one.

They even have some made of corn husks for tougher surfaces like grills, sinks, and cookware.  So. Freakin. Cool.  It’s so earth friendly, I could just hug a tree.

This thing is made my a company called Goodbye Detergent and you can buy it on Amazon here (among other places).

Look at that, an entire post about a dish scrubber!  If you are still reading this, then I consider you my #1 fan and hope you know how much I love you!  :)


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  1. Carol Buehler

    My daughter in law gave me one of these scrubbies and I love it. I am ordering more and plan to share with my other daughter in law. These are wonderful to use and it is great that they are an eco friendly product.


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