Last night I was going to bed and caught a look at myself in the mirror and laughed and said to my husband, “Look at me!  I look like a cross between a college student and a hobo!”  Right then and there I decided that my over-sized sweats and threadbare shirts were just not appropriate for newlywed sleepwear.  In my head I pictured watching an episode of “What Not to Wear” where Stacy and Clinton throw out the most unflattering, aged, shapeless and worn out items while the contestant pleads with them “But it’s so comfortable!!” – that cannot be me.  So I’m on a mission to find acceptable sleepwear that is both comfortable and cute (not necessarily “sexy” since that’s just not maintainable for every night, for me at least) but something I can lounge around the house in and go to sleep in all the while looking young, fresh and effortlessly chic.

allsortsofprettysleepwear1.) These J. Crew pajamas are polished enough (for sleepwear) to feel acceptable walking outside to get the newspaper. 2.) I’ve always wanted a sleepmask, especially for travel if you can’t block out all the light and this one has a sense of humor.  3.) I love the color of these and the pants look a little extra baggy, perfect for crawling inside a blanket to watch TV.  4.) I love sleeping in my husband’s shirts, but if I bought this sleepshirt, maybe he could have them back.  5.) I am also constantly stealing my husband’s socks (they’re the best!) but I’m sure he would appreciate me having my own.  6.) I’ve never done house slippers, but my feet are always freezing so maybe I should consider it.  7.) A feminine, comfy looking robe is something every woman should have in their closet and this one is perfect.




Aren’t these prints great?  I love the colors and the graphic typeface – and of course the lovely message!  I feel like these Beatles lyrics have been so overused in the past few years, but this is a fresh new take on them.  Get them here and here.





Today I woke up very late.  And with no time to tame the terrible bed head I have from going to sleep with my hair wet after a shower, I am looking like a hot mess.  I mean…there is no way to make this head look chic on it’s own right now.  So I am wishing I had a hat that could transform the truth in to “a look”.  No one would question what’s going on under the hat because I would look so effortlessly casual and pulled together that obviously it’s intentional.  But alas, I will suffer one of my last days at work sitting at my desk with quite possibly the worst hair day all year and remind myself that showers at night are a great time saver in the morning only if you still give yourself enough time to deal with the cowlicks and wavy mess that awaits you in the morning.  Lesson learned.  However, I will be investing in a chic hat for when this inevitably happens again (no one’s perfect!) and I will be much more well prepared.

Our Engagement Photos

Parker and I got married this past June and we were shocked when our (awesome) photographer, Nessa K, let us know she had secretly submitted our engagement photos to my most favorite wedding blog, Green Wedding Shoes, and we had been picked to be featured!  Then, we were shocked (and stoked!) again to learn that our photos had been chosen to be a part of GWS’s Best of 2012: Engagement Photos.

I thought I would share some of my favorites and most treasured here.

All Sorts of Pretty | Engagement Photos by Nessa K

A little back story on these photos: We had originally hired a different wedding photographer than Nessa and had taken different engagement photos several months before the wedding.  We loved that photographer, but weren’t as thrilled with the way our photos turned out so we made the very difficult decision to forfeit our pricey deposit and look for a new photographer.  It was a tough decision because we really loved the other photog personally, and we really didn’t want to throw away that big nonrefundable deposit, but in the end it was one of the best decisions we made about our wedding because we got the best pictures that we will always treasure.

Anyway, Nessa had just moved to the exact same small-ish town of Frederick, Maryland that we were getting married in and was available.  We met up with her just a few days before our wedding to shoot these photos in the farmland that surrounds my grandparent’s property.  It was an early morning shoot and I remembered from my college photography days how lovely the light is at that time of day so we had no problem getting up before dawn to do it.

engagement 3

This dress I wore was my mom’s 1977 wedding dress that she married my dad in.  It felt really special to be able to wear her dress for some kind of special occasion, if not for my own wedding.  I also wore it for the rehearsal dinner – it’s such a fun dress, I wanted to show it off!


We are planning on submitting our wedding photos to some wedding blogs (fingers crossed we get picked!) so I’ll be sure to share those soon too. *UPDATE: They were featured on Ruffled – check that out here.  


p674255451-5This was such a fun time – we were just under a week away from our wedding and were staying at my grandparent’s house getting everything ready that whole week – it was a big DIY affair!  I have such great memories from that whole week and these photos show how happy, in love, and content we were at that moment.  And Nessa was such a dream to work with.  Love that girl.


So, one of my resolutions this year is to photograph more.  Just for the pure pleasure of it.  I majored in art in college, concentrating on photography – although my program pretty much exclusively taught darkroom photography (who needs digital, right?! Pffff.) so I am embarrassingly far behind in my digital photog skills.  But I do still love film.  Here are a few pictures I took a few years back that remind me why I want to get back in to it.

katydennison5 katydennison6 katydennison7 katydennison8