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I love pretty much everything from Terrain – and this year’s Valentine’s Day collection is no exception.

A Love Letter Kit!  How old fashioned and romantic.

A sweet heart garland to drape across your doorway to make you smile every time you’re coming or going.

Cinnamon-Dulce-de-leche-Shortbread Cookies?!  Get outta town.

A heart shaped spoon because really, that’s just so sweet and I know I would love to receive such a lovely gift, wouldn’t you?

Heart straws!  Serve these with cocktails all year round and I bet you’ll always get a reaction.

And this pretty vintage looking heart ribbon tie up presents with, tie around a pony tail or embellish any craft project.  It’s the details, I tell ya.  And all of these are sweet details that make moments sweet, whether for V-Day or any time.

PS – Terrain only has two brick-and-mortar stores, but one is in Glen Mills, PA where I used to have to fly a lot to for work and let’s just say it’s a good thing it takes a plane ticket to get there.  The place is amazing and I spent two hours walking around – mouth agape – at all the pretty things.  If you’re ever in Philadelphia, drive out to the burbs and visit Terrain!




How was your week?  Mine seemed to fly by.  I am still adjusting to life after quitting my job and trying to find a daily routine.  I have found that I still get tired and start to drag around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, except now (sometimes) I lay down with Frank for a few minutes to get my second wind.  I am slightly overwhelmed by the mundane projects around the house that I really never would have gotten around to before but suddenly feel the urge to tackle, like organize the linen and coat closets, purge every needless item in the house to have less “stuff” to organize and keep up with, not to mention trying to get my office in order…that place is a disaster of half-complete craft projects or ideas for projects and miscellaneous supplies.  But today I am headed to Ikea to get some shelves to help that effort along.  And tonight is date night!  We’re headed to a place I’ve never once been to, despite having lived just a few blocks away for two years when I lived in Atlanta. For now, here are some links I enjoyed this week and hope you will too.

Top image: Easy DIY Heart Lollipops using Airheads candy.

Seventeen years later, the recreated their first date.  So cute!

Chic DIY Valentine’s Day wrapping paper.

Mini Heart Pie Pops.

Wish I had thought of this when Parker and I first started dating and had a long(-ish) distance relationship.

You have to watch this Oscar-nominated short film.  It’s six minutes, but worth it.

Yum: Lemon Tart with Rosemary Cornmeal Crust

Love this French Boho/Handmade wedding – with a surprise surfboard photobooth!

Seriously thinking I need this bag.

This is from last week, but a hilarious gif of me and some friends I made at Alt (Hey Whitney! Hey Alison! Hey Hil!)

Have a wonderful weekend!




Last night I dreamed about these shoes and woke up this morning thinking about them.  They aren’t brand new, in fact I remember the blogoshphere hyping them up around the holiday season (aren’t they perfect for holiday parties?!) but Emily wore them last week with a casual t-shirt dress and suddenly my mind was opened to the possibilities with these shoes.  They don’t have to be reserved for special occassions, I could wear them with cute dresses and skirts and even skinny jeans and black capris.  Ever since, the devil on my shoulder has been trying to justify the $350 price tag (even in my sleep!) but the angel on my shoulder just won’t let me do it.  In the meantime, I can play dress up in my head and watch for a sale like a hawk.  What do you think?  What’s the most expensive pair of shoes you ever bought and was it worth it?





With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to celebrate.  I don’t have kids yet, so this Hallmark holiday is really just an excuse to be extra sweet with my husband but I like the idea of baking something, crafting something and getting dolled up for my man.  Here’s some ideas for each one.

Bake: Airheads Candy Heart Cupcake Topper | Cherry Vanilla Layer Cake with Sprinkles Heart Topper | XOXO S’mores (originally from William Sonoma, but could be a DIY job) | Red Velvet Heart Whoopie Pies | Heart Bunting Cake | Buttercream Cake with Hear Sugar Cookie Toppers

Craft: 3-D Heart Wall | Valentine’s Day Surprise Crackers | DIY Valentine’s Tea Bag | Stitched Valentine’s Treat Bags | DIY Pipe Cleaner Topper | Hand Drawn Monogram Treat Bags

Get Dolled Up: A Red Lip (tutorial here) | Heart Ring | Heart Elbow Patch Sweater | Heart Ear Cuff | Red Jeans | Chanel Chance (my favorite!) | Romantic Braided Crown