Thunderstorms on a Monday

We had thunderstorms – delicious, gloomy, wrap-me-up-in-a-blanket, kind of thunderstorms all day today and the sun never peeked out, not even once.  And when those kinds of perfect storms happen on a Monday, and you have the luxury of getting to pretend like it’s Sunday on repeat, you do that.  Because why not?  So that’s what I did.  Made breakfast and coffee, then another cup of coffee (decaf these days, so it’s not like it matters), opened the windows, and hunkered down with my iPad reading through the archives of my favorite blog right now, House Inhabit.  Jessica’s blog embodies all of my California dreams and makes me wish we had up and moved out west last summer like Parker and I talked about.  Ah well, living vicariously through her blog will have to suffice (and truly, I do love living in Atlanta, no complaints here).  Something about the juxtaposition of listening to the rain outside and reading about/seeing gorgeous pictures of sunshiny southern California was so good.  Made me appreciate the spring showers in the present and helped me look forward to the hot summer in the future.  She has three wild and adorable little boys too, which of course makes me wish for a group of unruly, dirty, and rambunctious boys of my own one day to keep me on my toes (and then I realize the camera can’t possibly capture the trials she must go through every day so maybe my wishes needn’t be so urgent). :)

Also, now that Frank is 11 and can’t hear very well at this stage in his life, I can FINALLY enjoy thunderstorms without a scared, shaking, neurotic 75 lb dog climbing all over me, desperately seeking safety from the sky that is surely falling.  When really big thunder claps came and shook the whole house, he would look up, a little confused as to what that was, and find his seat between the sofa and coffee table, staying out of the way of whatever “that” was.  What he couldn’t hear didn’t harm him.  It’s bittersweet; one day I will really miss comforting him during those storms, when he so truly believes that the world is ending.  But for years I‘ve wished for some peace to just enjoy them.  So today that’s what I did.

My biggest accomplishments today were finally putting away the mountain of laundry that I had been steathily neglecting for days (and days…) and making it out for a matinee viewing of The Grand Budapest Hotel, which I have to admit, was the first Wes Anderson film I’ve ever seen (I KNOW, take away my blogger card, I’m a fraud).  The photography, the set design, the costumes – everything was so beautiful and I can certainly understand why Wes Anderson has such a following.  ButI fell asleep about halfway through.  I fall asleep in a lot of movies though, so I’m not suggesting the movie was boring (butit kind of was in parts).  I just really shouldn’t be allowed to spend $10 on a movie when chances are good that I might not see the whole thing.  Oh well.

Tomorrow I get back to work, vowing to get the basement in order and do some touch up work on the doors I installed last week.  But tonight, I’m going to stretch out this lazy day a bit more and pretend it’s still Sunday.





Press Pause

The break was nice.  Sometimes it’s nice to step away from this blog (and all blogs), social media, email, and let other projects fill the days and lessen the burden that having an online life sometimes brings with it.  Juststop for a while.  Press pause.  And you know what?  I didn’t really feel much like coming back.  What do I have to say?  My writing muscles feel like they’ve atrophied a bit and I’m out of the habit.  And alsoI’m, like, really *really* so tired of most blogs right now.  That’s a tangent I could really let myself go off on, and maybe I will later, but suffice to say that I stopped blogging altogether in order to avoid keeping an online space that I haven’t felt much like reading lately.

But then I remembered that I like having an account of my life here and that I can make this anything I want it to.  And what I want it to be is more personal.  More life and less “stuff” (though some stuff is awesome and has to be shared).

So what have I been up to?


Watching springtime come to life in my neighborhood, and what a sight it is to see.  Warm sunshine, green everywhere, trees and bushes in bloom, and flowers popping up all over.  It’s our first spring in our new home and so far, I am thoroughly impressed with our surroundings.  Mature and diverse plant life that keeps surprising me; everyday something new to see that’s popped overnight.  We have a dogwood tree in our front yard that has generously offered up clippings to take inside for the prettiest and simplest impromptu flower arrangements.  And wisteria popped up overnight this week all along the huge, ivy-covered pines in our backyard.  I literally gasped when I saw – I’ve always wanted wisteria of my own and it’s such a sight to see it climb up so high.  I find myself marveling at it, catching glimpses every time I pass by any of the windows on the back of our house.


Exhausting myself working around the house.  In the best way.  :)  Finally got all my interior doors finished and hung, with new door knobs and everything.  I’ll do a whole post on this later, but what I did was take our existing 1958 hollow core, flat wood doors (like these), added strips of wood around the top, sides, bottom, and middle, then painted them all white to make them look like shaker doors (like these).  It was a ton of work (and involved tears as you may have seen), but they look so nice now that they’re all up.  (All except one, in which I did the wrong side and need to do again….at some point.)


 Spending time being thankful for my husband.  It really doesn’t get much better than him.  How I got so lucky, I will never, ever know.


 Cooking in my finished kitchen.  It’s all done.  And it’s so pretty.  Want to see?  I’ll be sure to post those pictures next week.  Pinky promise.


Hosting dinner for family and friends now that the kitchen (and rest of the house) is more presentable.  Enjoying company in our new, mostly finished space has been nice.  Laughing and exchanging stories.  Eating and drinking around the table my dad and I built together.  Hoping to do lots more of that since sometimes cooking for others and gathering around a table is just what the soul needs to feel connected to others.


Showering in our new finished bathroom (this is a sneak peek above, with some daffodils I had such a hard time letting go of when they started to die).  We went a month without a shower in our house.  A MONTH.  But it was great because I got to see my parents almost every day and they made us dinner and offered up good company on our daily trips.  But it’s nice to have a finished bathroom now.  Andoh myit’s sooooo pretty.  I can’t wait to share those pictures either.


Spring cleaning.  Clearing out, deep cleaning, de-cluttering.  Feels good.  Next I tackle that basement, which we sort of tackled a few months ago, but I’m in the mood to clear out even more now.  It’s been long enough that I’ve forgotten about a lot of things down there and if they’re forgotten, I shouldn’t have a hard time parting with them.  (Right?!)


Walking with Frank through the neighborhood and the woods to see what new growth spring has to show us that day.  A few days last week I went jacket-less in the morning and it felt so good and so familiar to feel the warm air on my skin again.  I’m trying to appreciate it and be present because I know how Georgia is – it’s gonna get real hot, real quick and I’ll be missing these spring days.

That’s about it!  I’ll try to get back to a more regular posting schedule.  If for no one else than my mom who hassles me when I haven’t posted in a while.  ;)

Weekend Pretties

1Weekend Pretties 32114

2Weekend Pretties 32114

3Weekend Pretties 32114

Yesterday was the first day of spring!  We made it!  And we Atlantans were rewarded with sunshine and warmer temps (hallelujah).  I clipped these narcissus out of my front yard, aren’t they pretty?  I thought they were tiny daffodils, but my much-more-knowledgeable neighbor informed me they are narcissus, or paper whites; just a different kind with orange centers which I had never seen.

What do you have planned for the weekend?  Parker and I are taking a little road trip up to Tennessee to visit his parents.  This will be our first time seeing their new house since they moved the same time we did.  I’m excited to get away for a few days and explore a new town I’ve never visited.

Hope you have a good SPRINGTIME weekend!  Here are a few fun links:

A never ending candle.

I want to make some of these planters and fill them with all sorts of green prettiness.

This kids birthday party had me grinning ear to ear with it’s simplicity yet over-the-top fun.

Street artists making damaged cities beautiful.

Very proud to have my neighborhood listed #4 as one of the top foodie restaurants in Atlanta by USA Today (the whole city of Decatur was listed since they couldn’t pick just one restaurant!).

Parker and I plan to go on a cross country road trip this summer and this site has been giving me lots of inspiration on places to visit.

Also along those lines: Why we should all be visiting national parks!

These egg cups turned planters are so cute!!!  Dying to make a couple for my kitchen windowsill.

An interesting read: ADHD does not exist.

Chinese made easy.  Chineasy!


What’s really in your bag?

Did you see Cup of Jo’s post last week titled, “What’s really in your bag?”  Click here to read it if you didn’t see it; I loved it.

I thought it was so funny.  Among other things, there was a fork, an orange peel, and a Starbucks coffee sleeve in her purse at the time of illustration.  Ha!  So it got me thinking that since it had been a while since I cleaned out my purse, I bet there would be some pretty ridiculous things in my bag as well.  So here is literally everything that was in my bag (minus 14 papers/receipts and some unidentifiable crumbs at the very bottom).

What's in your purse?Lip things: Sally Hansen Inflation-X lip gloss (that doesn’t really “inflate” or plump up your lips, don’t believe the hype), Burt’s Bees lip balm, and EOS lip balm.  It’s silly that I have anything besides my trusty Burt’s Bees in there because it’s really all I ever want or need in life when it comes to lip things.

3 mechanical pencils, 1 Sharpie pen.  This one surprised me.  I’m not particularly loyal to mechanical pencils but somehow three of them ended up tagging along with me whereever I go.  The Sharpie makes a bit more sense, but what does not make sense is that none of these writing utensils can really be used to sign official documents or write checks if the need arose when I’m out and about.  (Which never happens, so..)

Kleenex on-the-go slim pack.  Not for nothing, these things are legitimately awesome to have around.  Allergy season is just starting (in Atlanta, you know this means war) and driving down the road being stuck without a tissue when you need to blow your nose is the freaking worst.  I mean, I used to pray I could find an extra napkin in the glove box when this happened, but I’ve officially grown up and keep Kleenex in my purse now.  These don’t give me the equivalent of rug burn on my nose either, like spare Chick-Fil-A napkins do.  The packaging is so cute too!  Also important to note: these days the tissues in these go-packs are super sturdy and thick, not the single layer disappointment they used to be.  Life’s lessons, folks.

Lotion sample from dermatologist.  That I never use.

One subway tile.  Took it to the paint store a week or two ago and forgot all about it.

2 pieces of gum.  Which is funny because this morning I was driving with a breakfast taste still in my mouth and was like, “Gah, I wish I had some gum!”.  Turns out I had TWO pieces left and would have been set.  Don’tcha hate it when that happens?

New library card holder info.  I finally got around to getting a library card after moving here nearly six months ago, and the librarian handed this to me and I knew I didn’t need it (all the same information is online should I need it) and I knew it was going to end up at the bottom of my purse but I took it anyway to be polite.  Guess where it ended up?

Hair things.  2 elastics, 1 clip, 5 bobby pins.  And I can never find any of them when I need to! :)

One fuzzy glove.  I don’t know how long that’s been in there, but it’s been long enough that it has accumulated so much fuzz and crumbs that I’m not even sure I want to find it’s mate.

Box of nails.  Purchased a week or so ago for a project that may or may not even need them.  Best to be prepared.

A dime.  Seriously, in my entire purse, the only physical money to be found was a dime.  Not even in my wallet is there any actual money.  I rely so heavily on my debit and credit cards that if I needed to buy something for $0.25, I would have to hand over a card.  Also, for this reason, the thought of valet parking makes me extremely nervous.

A clutch that doubles as my wallet.  Because I figure if I just need to hop in somewhere really quickly, I can just grab that instead of the whole shebang.  Plus, it has a wrist strap so I can be hands-free.  Just don’t go lookin‘ for any cash in it.

So that’s what was really in my bag.  Do you have just as ridiculous items in yours or are you one of those people I envy that keeps their purse tidy and organized at all times?

This post is sponsored by Kleenex, but all opinions are my own.  Kleenex just launched it’s collaboration with Isaac Mizrahi this past Monday in NYC in celebration of their 90th anniversary and I am loving the new designs my BFF Isaac came up with.  Check them out here.

PS – remember when Isaac had his Target collection?  My mom and I used to obsess over all the gorgeous vintage-inspired party dresses and tailored jackets.  When I learned there would be no more Isaac Mizrahi for Target, I bought everything I possibly could at 75% off and got some of the most beautiful dresses my closet has ever known.  Also, I just love him and wish we could be real life BFFs.


Weekend Pretties

1Weekend Pretties 31414

2Weekend Pretties 31414

3Weekend Pretties 31414

4Weekend Pretties 31414

5Weekend Pretties 31414

6Weekend Pretties 31414

Happy Friday!  Has spring sprung where you are yet?  Atlanta is starting to get pops of color here and there, but I think we still have some time before everything really explodes.  The dogwoods are one of my favorite parts of spring and they have a little while before the start showing off.  I can’t wait! I love this time of year.  We had a few days of 70 degree weather earlier this week where we celebrated by spending all day outside, soaking it in, foolishly thinking winter was behind us, and then, out of nowhere it turned cold again (below freezing!), making for some grumpy walks in the morning.

Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice though, so I can work outside on some projects I need warmer weather for.  Like finally painting my doors for one!  We took all our interior doors off the hinges when we first bought our house in the fall with the intention of painting them….but then it got cold before we could get to them and I decided the whole thing could wait until spring.  And as soon as I hit publish on this post, I‘m headed into the kitchen to do some touch up painting and seal my countertops and then the kitchen will be DONE!  As in, 100% finished!  How exciting.  I’ve got a couple of celebratory meals planned to cook in my brand new kitchen this weekend.

As for the bathroom, it should be wrapping up early next week.  The marble countertop is being installed tomorrow, then the plumber comes Monday to hook everything up, and then Tuesday the bathtub gets reglazed.  Ah!  I can’t wait to be able to shower in our house again!  (We’ve been going to my parent’s house nearly every night for weeks to take advantage of their hospitality in the form of showers and food.  Gotta love mom and dad being so close by.)

Hope you have a nice weekend. Here are some fun things to look at while you wait for yours to start.

This pie chart perfectly illustrates my feelings about the weather this week.

Not like we all need another reason to love Ellen, but here’s one anyway.

This rocking chair is what my dreams are made of.

I meant to share this last week and forgot.  Paper recreations of the Oscars dresses made by 4-year-old and her mom.

San Francisco just banned the sale of plastic water bottles.  This excites me so much!  I hope more cities follow suit.

Loving these photographs of pigment in water SO much.

Pom pom fruit!

What a pretty cake.

Finding a place in our new kitchen for this print.

I just got this fancy gadget to clean our floors with and oooooomg – life changing.  I’m gonna do a whole post about it because it’s that good.