Our New House!

Okay, so since I’ve shared our old houseI thought it might be nice to share our new house.  But first, the obvious questions.

Why did we move?  Parker got it in his head that he wanted to be closer to work.  His commute from his job at Ponce City Market (which is so cool, ATLiens you must visit if you haven’t already) to our house in Decatur wasn’t very long, about 15 minutes with no traffic to 30 minutes (or slightly longer) in rush hour, but it was still too far for him.  He wanted to be close enough to ride a bike or walk.  Once he got this idea in his head, he was like a dog with a bone.  Suddenly this idea we had agreed to think about “sometime next year” turned in to RIGHT NOW THIS VERY SECOND.  And I have to admit, once he was excited about it, I got excited about the prospect of being back in the city too.  We loved Decatur but we both wanted a more walkable lifestyle and we both wanted to be closer to the pulse of the city.  So when we found this place, such a unique home in a perfect location, it was an easy decision.

But what about Seattle?  I don’t think I ever talked about it on the blog, but Parker’s company recently started a satellite office in Seattle and we made it clear a year ago that we wanted to relocate if possible, probably in a few years so we could save up enough money to buy a proper house out there (score +1 to Atlanta for being so much more affordable than most other cities).  We started dreaming big!  We got books on Seattle and made mental notes every time we heard anything related to the city….we started researching best neighborhoods and school districts.  But then Parker wanted to be closer in Atlanta RIGHT NOW THIS VERY SECOND and also around that time I stumbled upon this article that made me realize I am never ever moving there and maybe Atlanta isn’t so bad after all!  :) And now that we have this house….I don’t think I could ever leave it.  I love it so much.  This feels like our family home that we will raise our children in and host lots of parties in, and decorate properly for all the holidays.

So what area is it in? We’re in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, which, fun fact: is where Martin Luther King Jr. was born and raised.  Our street backs right up to Freedom Park Trail and the Beltline, which are both fantastic ways to navigate through the city on foot or on bike.  We strap Charlie in to the bike or stroller and go to any number of parks, restaurants, three different grocery stores, farmer’s markets and cool places just to take in the city.  It’s exactly the lifestyle we dreamed of.

Okay, enough words – here are the pictures.  Note though, that none of these furnishings are ours.  These pictures are pulled off the MLS listing and we’re still settling in. 1front of house 2yard and entry 3yard and carport 4great roomIMG_0313 6guest bedroom 7guest bath 8master bedroom 9master bath 10master bath 2 IMG_0319 11rooftop deck 12rooftop deck 2

The rooftop decks (there’s actually another one on the back of the house) are a favorite feature of mine, but honestly the whole house is such a pleasure to live in.  I love the open floor plan and how cooking in the kitchen seamlessly connects with the rest of the house.  All the bedrooms are on the same level as the living/dining/kitchen area and the upstairs is just the loft area and decks.  So it’s nice because it feels a lot like living in a ranch since there are no stairs to navigate between bedrooms and living space, but then there’s extra space to visit when you want to. My #1 request for a new house was usable outdoor space, so this was a big treat.

That’s all for now!  We’re busy bees getting settled and planning projects.  We’d like to build an island in the kitchen, some bookshelves in the living room, a fireplace and hearth, and countless other things to put our stamp on it, but we’re in no hurry whatsoever.  We’ll be here a long time and it’s pretty close to perfect already.  :)

10 Responses to “Our New House!”

  1. Asia

    Your house is soooo beautiful that I feel like bragging to people that I know the person that lives there. So basically I’m vicariously living thru you and Parker and the little chub, because sadly a librarian’s salary will never get me a place like that. Also I hate big cities. But you’ve done an amazing job with it and it’s stunning.

  2. Brittney

    Ah Katy! This is AMAZING!!! I can’t even put into words how excited I am for you that you get to live in this house!!! This is everything my dreams are made of! :) How wonderful and I can’t wait to see what you do to make it your own.

  3. Laura Dennison

    That was a scary article. I’m glad you decided to stay in Atlanta (although I wouldn’t complain at all if you moved to Louisville.

  4. Gina Geissler

    I am SO happy for you!!!! It’s an amazing place for a beautiful and wonderful family:)

  5. Maddy

    I stumbled onto your blog while searching for a particular painting and was drawn in by your flair . And though I’ve only read a bit , I’m glad you that you continue to share online . You DO have a busy time in life !! Understandable needing a break !
    I love all that I’ve seen and read so far , so thank you ! :D I cannot wait to read further , our tastes are very similar . Best to you and your lovely family.

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