On Spring Cleaning and Closet Purging

ASOP Spring CleansWhat is it about spring that makes you feel like you need to clean out, reorganize and throw away everything not actively contributing to a happy home RIGHT THIS SECOND.  Just me?

This is what I did today.  Each one of those bags has to weigh at least as much as I do considering it felt like dragging a body (three times) out to the driveway to take this picture.  Cleaning out my closet and drawers has been on my mind for months now and finally I got the URGE TO PURGE thanks to Joanna’s post yesterday featuring (my blog crush) Jordan Ferney’s apartment.  She, her husband, and their two little boys live in 500 square feet (in San Francisco) and they loooove it.  And then I also read this post about things you should stop doing in your 20s, one of which was “Stop being stingy” and another was “Stop buying things you know you’ll throw away.”  Reading both of those on the same day was like the smack on the forehead I needed and this morning while making the bed, I just couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to start pulling things out that I knew were just creating physical and mental clutter.

I mean look at that picture.  That is not all sorts of pretty, that is all sorts of shopping mistakes: buying it because it was on sale, thinking “I’ll like it better when I wear it more”, stuff that never really fit quite right, and if we’re being totally honest: not knowing how to dress myself.  Sad!  But it’s true: when I graduated college and started working, most of what I bought, I bought because it could be worn to work, without much thought to what I wanted my “style” to be…or something.  But now that I’m a full time blogger/lady of the house, I can kind of decide what I want my wardrobe to evolve in to.  The Wardrobe Envy series has been helping me narrow my focus to things I really love and could wear lots of different ways.  I find it a lot easier than going in to stores and getting overwhelmed.

One thing I do know for sure while contemplating what will make it’s way in to my closet after all that has found it’s way out: I am so over buying cheap junk that might look cool but doesn’t hold up or that I didn’t love completely when I bought it.  Thrift stores are especially tricky because I love being able to find treasures, but I get so tempted by imperfect items that “I could always alter” (PS – I’ve never actually altered anything bought from a thrift store.  It usually ends up back in the donation pile).  I figure it’s gotta come out about the same cost-wise to buy fewer things that are more expensive than to be constantly buying cheap things.  And really, the latter option is so disgustingly wasteful.  I’m kind of ashamed at all the trash baggery that’s going on in that photo.

So here we go!  I can breathe a sigh of relief that I’ve cleared out half my clothes and about 80% of my shoes and can start thinking about what I would like to fill my closet with next.  My first purchase (if Parker will let me) might be a pair of Swedish Hasbeens I’ve had my eye on all winter long.  I think I would wear those every day with every outfit.  I even dreamed about them last night, so it must be a sign right?


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