Off to Alt Summit!

OFF TO ALT SUMMITVery early this morning I’m leaving on a jet plane (with my next door neighbor and friend, Emily from Eclectica Kiddo!) for the coldest place on earth*, Salt Lake City, Utah for Alt Summit.  I’m so excited!  This picture above is from my Instagram last year and the first time I ever saw the Rockies.  It was a fun trip and I’m expecting to have an even better time this year now that my blog is a real thing (last year I had juuuuuust started it, so I had a much different perspective than I will this year).  PS – can I just say that my Instagram skillz have vastly improved in the one year since this was taken???!  This time last year I was still under the spell of the “Rise” filter. ha :)

If you’re a blogger attending Alt Summit, come find me!  Tweet or Instagram at me so we can find each other!

*No really, with the inversion that happens in SLC, I’m pretty sure it’s the coldest place on earth.

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