(not) Barefoot and Pregnant


As much as I would like to succumb to the stereotype of a pregnant woman in summer being barefoot and carefree, I find that I actually do need to wear shoes more often than not.  But I have noticed that more than ever before, comfort HAS to be top priority.  I’ve gathered some of my favorites here to show how I’m managing through summer and pregnancy with comfort and hopefully a little bit of style (at least south of my ankles).

target sandals with gold

These sandals are about as close as I can get to being barefoot, yet they’re super comfortable to walk around in.  And cute with the gold and black, yes?  Target, baby!  Target always has cute sandals  in the summer and they tend to hold up pretty well for their $20 price points.  Parker and I have a beach vacation planned for the end of the summer and these will be the first thing packed in my bag.

sandgrens swedish clogs

As I’ve mentioned before, I love clogs.  LOVE them.  These are Sandgrens Swedish Clogs and I love that you can just slip them on and instantly feel a little more cool.  The height of the heel is only about 2.5″ so they don’t even feel like you’re wearing heels.  These are so comfy and cute, they have quickly become my go-to if I’m not going to be walking around a ton.

target sandals

Okay, so Target was having a “buy one, get one 50% off sale” so I HAD to buy a second pair right?!?  Of course I did, what a silly question to ask.  (There are so many good options right now, I had to narrow it down to these two and leave the rest behind – but I’m seriously considering going back for these).  The “leather” on these looks pretty convincing, and I love the colorful embroidered band – makes it feel really good and secure on the foot.

swedish hasbeens

Oh, did you forget that I love clogs?  Let me remind you again.  :)  These are Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Super High clogs, a classic, and a little higher than the Sandgrens above, so they’re my “fancy” clogs.  I wear these when I want to feel a little more dressed up and don’t even bother trying to convince myself that I can handle heels anymore.  (Tip: They’re pretty pricey, but Zappos always has the best sales it seems like).

So those are my go-to’s for shoes this summer.  I’m really trying to minimize the amount of shoes I have in my (tiny) closet so I feel like it’s good to have a mix of investment shoes that will last for years, along with cheapy flats that are super cute but you won’t feel bad about replacing next year (although, my last pair of Target sandals I bought right before my wedding almost 2 years ago and they are still going strong).

Any advice for this pregnant mama in terms of staying as comfortable as possible during the hot and muggy summer months in Georgia?  I’m all ears!

Sandgrens generously gifted me that pair of Bali Mid Swedish clogs above, and are generously gifting YOU 15% off your purchase until June 16 with the code SWEDISHCLOGS15.  Thanks Sandgrens!  xoxo!

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  1. Lindsay

    Maxi dresses! So cool and comfy and forgiving on a big pregnant tummy! Tip: you can just buy a size or two bigger than normal…no need to pay a ton for the maternity version. Get a good comfy swimsuit for summer…I got a cute swim dress at Macys last summer and loved it when I was pregnant. Get some maternity shorts with the full panel…you will never want to wear normal ones again! Last but not least…invest in a good bra or two for your growing chest! Those wardrobe tips are what got me through last summer! Good luck!

  2. Laura

    Just checked your blog for the first time in a while.
    Congratulations! Enjoy this carefree summer because after this summer you will be busy but happy being a mom 24/7 through the foreseeable future.


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