Minimal & White

Inspired by WhiteDream Catcher | String Art Deer | Wooden Pendant Lights | Gold Dipped Leaves | Perfectly Styled Ingredients

I’m finding myself more and more drawn to minimal, white images lately.  These images from my Pinterest boards seem to be calling out to me the most lately.  I find them calming and maybe because of the chaos of living halfway through a home renovation, but clean and crisp images with a lot of negative space are somewhat comforting right now.Minimal & WhiteAntlers + Flowers | Lace Dress  | White Floors, Walls + Ceiling | Pinecone Garland

Or maybe it’s because it’s getting cold outside and white reminds me of snow and cuddling up in fuzzy socks and blankets, hibernating for a while.  What images are you drawn to these days?  Christmas has started blowing up on Pinterest already which is kind of exciting.   :)

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    • Katy

      So cool right?! I’m trying to think if there’s a wall in our house that would work for something like that. (And if I have the heart to put so many holes in the wall that I spent so much effort painting!)


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