Living Room Progress

living room progressOur sofa arrived last week so I thought I’d share our living room in it’s current state. Not complete, but we’re making progress.  We ordered this sofa (the Taylor sectional) from Thrive Furniture way back in September.  They had a crazy awesome Labor Day sale going on, with tiered discounts based on lead time.  The longer you were willing to wait for your furniture to arrive, the more money you could save, with the longest lead time and best discount being 12 weeks for 40% off.  At $3,200 normally, we decided we could wait a while to save $1,280.  That’s a lotta cheddar!

I really didn’t think my husband would actually let me buy a sofa in this color (Klein Citrus, officially, but I call it mustard or orangish-yellowish) since he only wanted to go with GREY, but I am so glad he let me do it!  I am crazy for the color and think it adds so much to the space.  He’s come around too ;-).

Let’s look back at the room as it was when we closed on the house:

LRbefore1 LRbefore2 LRbefore3The first thing we knew we had to do was blow through that wall and open up the space.  We really can’t even imagine having that wall there now.  The room would feel so closed in.  We also painted all the walls and trim white (Dover White from Sherwin Williams) and replaced all the vent and outlet covers with white room progressSo much better now right?  The curtain rod was a DIY (full post about that coming soon) from galvanized pipe and fittings from the hardware store.  It’s 12 feet long and covers the length of the window perfectly.  The curtains are Ikea (got them for free, my mom had a bunch left over from a recent office makeover) but they may be replaced at some point with real drapes.  We’ll see, for now they’re just room progress2The rug is the Tuscan Moroccan Shag in Ivory from Rugs USA.  We love this rug!  It feels great under foot and I love the simple design.  I really wanted the West Elm Souk rug that is so popular right now, but it just wasn’t in the budget.  This rug, also a Labor Day sale purchase, was 1/3 of the price of the West Elm rug at just under $300.  I still love the West Elm one so much, but this was a really great room progress3The coffee table is a prized find from Scott Antique Market here in Atlanta.  I went there with my mom and aunt who was in town to help me paint, with strict instructions from Parker that I wasn’t allowed to buy anything.  I was just there to play tour guide to our out-of-town visitor and my mom who hadn’t been before.  Well, literally the first booth we visited we saw this awesome table and I was peer pressured in to buying it.  My mom and aunt both said to me “You cannot leave without buying that table!  You need it, it’s perfect.” I’m so glad they talked me in to defying my husband :)  It really is perfect for the space with it’s splayed legs and heavy wood slab.  I love it so much!  Oh and the best part is that it was only $60.  Score!
living room progressliving room progress5I bought this tapestry in Peru a couple of years ago and I think I am going to cut it up to make some pillows for the sofa.  It’s an odd size, about 3 feet square, so it’s not quite big enough to be a throw,  a little too heavy for a throw but not heavy enough (or a proper size) to be a rug.  I bought it because I just love the colors and design so much but I’ve always struggled with what to do with it.  Pillows will be room progress6Frank isn’t as in love with the new sofa since we’ve been trying to keep him off of it.  But we’re working through it (read: he mostly does what he wants and I just deal with it).  :)

We still need to get an electrician out to install an outlet on the wall so the TV can be mounted and buy a console table to place underneath.  I love the Dumont Media Console from West Elm but will probably have to settle with the Stockholm TV unit from Ikea due to budgetary constraints.  Or I may find something vintage and make it pretty. I also need to get some art on the walls (a Sharon Montrose Buffalo print would be awesome if you’re reading this, Santa!) and accessorize a bit.  I’m really loving a clean and minimal space though so I’m struggling with adding much.  We’ll see!

So that’s the current state of the living room!  What do you think?

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  1. Julie Kuberski

    This is such great progress! I bet it feels so good to be more open with that wall down… such a good decision. That couch is too cool and I am in loooove with that table. I definitely back you defying your husband for that. ;) It’s so fun to see your guys’ progress on your home. Love these posts!

  2. Susan Atwood

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sofa and the coffee table has the exact same legs! A match meant to be. This is looking so good.

  3. Kaycee

    Hey! I found your blog thru Thrive’s Instagram post of your sofa.. then I also commented on your picture on IG asking if it was comfortable. Thanks for getting back to me. I’m still undecided, it’s such a serious commitment! (My username is Keusadilla_ btw)

    I love your blog and I’ve already book marked it! Do you think the Dumont media console from WE is too high to watch TV? I have my tv on the CB2 media cart which is about 20″ high and it’s perfect, but I want to replace it eventually because it’s green and I’m pretty over it. Keeping my eye out for a good Midcentury credenza that I can afford.

    • Katy

      Hey Kaycee! I love your IG name, I laughed when I first read it and wondered what your real name is. Brilliant!

      Buying a sofa IS a serious commitment. It’s a lot of money and they last years, so take your time deciding. Read lots of reviews, get fabric swatches if you can, and wait for sale if possible.

      I don’t actually have the west elm console…just love it and have been thinking about it. Although, I just remembered this awesome DIY tutorial that I may try since it’s less expensive and I love the minimal look to it:

      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! I’d love to hear which sofa you end up going with! :)

  4. Gwen

    Thank you so much for sharing where you got the rug! I have your exact sofa in the large sectional, 107″ each side, also in Klein Citrus. I found you through the Thrive blog. I was looking for a rug to go with my sofa, and this is it! Yay! Thanks again. Looks great. :)

  5. Gwen

    Hello again,

    So I haven’t ordered the rug yet. I have a question about it. Is it hard to maintain? Does it need to be combed, like a traditional flokati, or can it be vacuumed with a regular vacuum?



    • Katy

      It’s pretty easy to maintain! I just vacuum it and it looks great. Do know that for the first few months it sheds a lot so it needs to be vacuumed a couple times a week to keep the shedding under control.

  6. Christie

    I love your space. I was wondering which size this rug was the 5×7 or the 8×10? Thanks in advance.


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