Little Green Dress

Little Green DressAlt Summit is coming up in a couple short weeks (are you going??) and this year the theme color for Friday Night’s party is green.  I went shopping with Emily today to find some new outfits for the conference, but we didn’t see any green dresses (or tops, or pants, or skirts…) ANYWHERE!  I’m starting to get nervous so I thought I should see what’s online at the moment and found these options that make me feel a little better.  That top right one might be my favorite because I can see myself wearing it again out on a date or to a professional meeting.

What do you think?  Any favorites or know of any brands with lots of pretty green clothes right now?  Help, what should I wear?!  :)

Clockwise from left: ASOS $29 | ASOS $69 | ASOS $31 | ASOS $32 | Center: Modcloth $110

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  1. Catie

    Hey Katy! First off, love your resolutions for 2014. Secondly, I saw this post on the theme color of green for the event. I was recently on Garnet Hill’s site looking at something and came across this green sequined tank ( This look may be really cute with a skirt, tights, booties and a blazer?

    • Katy

      That is SO cute, Catie! Love that! And marked down to $28 from $88 – love that even more! haha :) Thank you so much for sending that, it is now a top contender!


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