Katy & Parker Go West – Los Angeles

4Katy & Parker Go West - LAOur final stop on our two week long anniversary trip!  This is a shorter post because we didn’t spend much time in LA, but most of the time that we did have was spent in the car trying to get somewhere basically.  Like OHMYGOSH the traffic.   Whatever you have heard about LA traffic is true, but so much worse than you can imagine.  And I’m from Atlanta which is pretty notorious too.  We watched (well, I watched, Parker listened) to different episodes of SNL’s The Californians while we sat in traffic and it made us laugh so hard and made the time go by faster :)

With Los Angeles being the final leg of our trip and after the day we had coming in, we were eager to start over fresh with a clean slate the next day when we woke up.  The first decision we made was a very good one – breakfast at Larchmont Bungalow.

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1Katy & Parker Go West - LA

2Katy & Parker Go West - LA

This ended up being the only restaurant we visited twice on the whole trip because it was so good.  The atmosphere is nice and relaxed, they are a certified green establishement, carry lots of delicious dietary restriction options (gluten free, vegetarian, vegan) and everything about our experience was great both times.  Parker got their famous Red and Blue Pancakes that were phenomenal and I got the Vegan Scramble that was also amazing…really light and fresh with tons of veggies and great flavor.

We sat outside on the smaller, more intimate one under these great embroidered umbrellas.   Next time I’m in LA, I want to go back again. It’s really that good.  You know, I claimed that the Farmer and the Cook in Ojai was my favorite breakfast….but I may take that back and give the award to the Bungalow.  Tough decisions!  :)
5Katy & Parker Go West - LAOne place I really wanted to visit was Venice Beach.  I really wanted to see the canals and had heard about the great people watching on the beach so it was on the top of our list.
6Katy & Parker Go West - LAIt did not disappoint!  Venice was probably my favorite area of LA that was visited – we were only there for a very short 2 days, which in LA traffic time is really like 1.5 days, so we didn’t get to see a whole lot.7Katy & Parker Go West - LAThe LACMA was a fun experience too!  Great art museum with a good mix of periods – my favorite, mid-century American pop art (which Parker doesn’t think is art) and Parker’s favorite, classical landscapes from the Dutch Golden Era (which I find pretty boring -and was shocked because I had no idea that he liked that stuff).  9Katy & Parker Go West - LAAnother one of our notable breakfasts was at the Hart and the Hunter.  Parker went outside to the Eggslut food truck and ordered a sandwich and that coddled egg/potato thing while I waited inside and drank my latte and waited for our biscuits.  The food was delish, but the decor made the biggest impression on me.  I love it when industrial and rustic elements come together and this place did that nicely.10Katy & Parker Go West - LAParker and I visited another art museum while in LA because LA makes art cool.  The Getty is so beautiful and such a pleasure to wander around.  We spent a long time here.  We browsed the art of course, but when we started to get a little tired of walking around, we grabbed a popscicle and headed for some shade in the grass.  We spent a really long time laying in the grass, dozing, talking, then dozing some more.  We were ready to go home and see our dog, but were sad to be leaving.  This trip was by far the best trip of our lives and will be a tough one to beat.  8Katy & Parker Go West - LA

We learned some very valuable lessons about traveling too – like for one, we both prefer natural settings over cities.  Our favorites were Colorado and the Pacific Coast Highway.  Our favorite cuisine is “new American” (which we didn’t really know was a thing and only discovered when we kept going to the same style restaurants), and our favorite way to eat is to order several small plates and share.  It’s easy to pick which side of the bed to sleep on because Parker always likes to be closest to walls and corners, and I like the side more open to the rest of the room.  We also learned how to pack like professionals and cram way more stuff in to a suitcase than you would think possible – every single day practically, since we were on the move so much.

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a look back our trip!  If you’ve missed anything, you can catch up here: Pacific Coast Highway Part 3Pacific Coast Highway Part 2Pacific Coast Highway Part 1, Colorado part 1 and part 2SeattlePortland and San Francisco.

Regular programming will resume Monday and I’ve got a really neat recipe to share, so check back :)

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