House Update & Weekend Pretties

photo 1 (1)Clumsy!photo 1Ah, this tile!  It’s gorgeous and I love it, but it was a rocky road getting here.  It had to be ripped out completely and started all over when the last guy installed it poorly (in his defense, this is very difficult tile to lay!).  The new guy was extremely careful and did a great 2The mess, 2 (1) I finally got to start priming and painting the kitchen today.  Instantly larger and brighter.  Also – we replaced all the windows in the house which made a big improvement.

photo 4 The best surprise to find in the fridge after a particularly long day at the construction 5Fireworks in my living room.  No, just some wicked sawing of some of our old vents.
photo 3Meanwhile, back at my dad’s workshop: our open shelves ready to be painted!

Holy moly, what a week.  How was yours?  My weeks have been running together, no real weekends, just working straight through and this girl finally had a meltdown.  Like, ugly-crying in the Floor & Decor parking lot kind of meltdown.  (I can laugh about it now, but it was epic.)   I finally forced myself to take a day off when things got so stressful over something so not stress-worthy (GROUT! of all things and driving all over Atlanta to find the perfect color that was sold out everywhere!).  I went to my parent’s house since I don’t really have anywhere homey of my own right now, baked brownies and watched Weeds on Netflix for the rest of the day (not the type of brownies that would be on the show Weeds, but I was kinda wishing that day, hah :)

Anyway, my aunt came last weekend and rescued me from much of my painting chores.  My mom pitched in too, I have the best family a girl could ask for.  Together we accomplished in a few short days what would have taken me a week or more to do on my own.  I needed their help too – have I told you I’m painting every wall, trim, window and ceiling in the house?  Every. Single. One.  Oh and the doors too, but that will come later.  Thank goodness it’s a small house.  Tomorrow we install our Ikea kitchen cabinets!  I’m excited to see things finally coming together.

This next week is gonna be a doozy.  Still lots of work to be done at the house and then we move next Saturday – I haven’t even packed one box yet!  Somewhere I’ll have to break away from the new house to pack up the old one.  You probably won’t see me on the blog, so be sure to stay in touch on Instagram and Facebook.

I feel like this blog post sounds delirious, so I apologize, but that’s pretty much my brain right now.  Here are eleven fun links to look through for the weekend (hope it’s a good one!!).

I’ll do a whole post on this when I get settled, but my friends just launched a darling company selling adorable artwork for children’s rooms.  Check out Eclectica Kiddo!

Do you know the easiest way to slice a bunch of cherry tomatoes?

The case for cursive.

My old art professor’s latest mind-blowing installation (with ping pong balls!).

And while we’re being all high-art up in here, these wire sculptures are incredible.

Please help me convince my husband I need to spend $50 at Rifle so I can get one of their amazing new look books for free.

The perfect charcuterie spread.

32 parents who nailed it on Halloween.

Going to keep this list handy when I’m packing up our house this week.

I love this kitchen so very, very much.

Are you one of those women?

Ciao! xoxo

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