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Home Making | Kilim Me SoftlyLately I’ve been daydreaming a lot about moving to a new home, starting from scratch with decor and making a house a home.  A place to roost.  A place in Grownup Land to settle down in and make room for the someday babies.

If you follow along on Pinterest, then you know I love white walls – white, white, WHITE! – but I love the idea of bringing in a big, bold splash of color with a rug.

I didn’t even know what Kilim* rugs were until recently, I suppose I never really paid attention, but my attention has been grabbed by the bright colors and geometric designs.  Kilim rugs date back to the forth or fifth century and are flat tapestry woven rugs used either as prayer rugs or for decoration.  Nowadays, makers are getting super creative with the design and colors and are making quite an impact.

What do you think?  Is it awesome or will I grow tired of it in a year?

*It’s pronounced Kuh-leem, but I couldn’t not use the pun in the title – is that song playing in your head now?  You’re welcome :)

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