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H&M Home I know a lot of you have probably heard from other blogs that H&M has finally put their entire catalog of merchandise for sale online now, but am I the last one to know that they have a home collection?  The H&M near my house has never displayed home goods items, so I had no idea.  But I am really excited to have discovered their decor products!  Especially because H&M always has on-trend, carefully designed pieces for a great price.

I like to decorate with heirlooms, antiques, and sentimental items, but sometimes I feel like shiny, new objects can breathe life in to that aesthetic and modernize it a bit.  Plus, it’s nice to save some money on those items and save up for impact pieces like furniture and art.

Here are some pieces I’m admiring.

2H&M Home - All Sorts of Pretty

COOL Decorative Letters ($12.95) | Jacquard-Weave Cushion Cover, long pillow ($17.95) | Jacquard-Weave Cushion Cover, square pillow ($14.95) | Candle ($5.95) | NYC Transit System Soap Dish ($6.95) | Jacquard-weave blanket ($34.95) | Black Glass Vase ($12.95)

I love those pillows so much!  The graphic patterns are just the right amount of masculine to balance any feminine touches I normally lean towards.  The thin blanket would add softness draped over an angular sofa or chair and that black glass vase is so different than any other glass pieces I have, I just love it.

3H&M Home - All Sorts of Pretty copyTwo-Pack Storage Baskets ($14.95) | Knit Blanket ($59.95) | Two Pack Hangers ($9.95) | Peace Candle ($5.95) | Horse Canvas Pillow Cover ($12.95) | Oat’s & Co. Storage Basket ($12.95) | 16.8oz Glass Vase ($7.95)

Those burlap storage baskets are my jam.  And they have several different sizes too.  I have to be careful with that kind of thing though because they seem to invite clutter and disorganization rather than proper storage, but I would be willing to work on my habits to make these guys mine.  Oh, and that candle for $6 that mimics the look of Dyptique candles that are $60 each is kind of neat.  I know Dyptique candles are really special, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to pay that much for a safety hazard.  I’ll pay $6 for a safety hazard though.  :)4H&M Home - All Sorts of Pretty copyTea Towel ($4.95)Tea Towl ($4.95) | Set of Two Tea Towels ($4.95) | Ceramic Sugar Jar ($12.95) | Ceramic Coffee Mug ($5.95) | Linen Napkins ($5.95)

Adorable tea towels and linen napkins are my new thing.  I can’t really explain it, but they really do brighten my day.  There’s something special about drying your hands on soft cotton and placing a linen cloth over your lap at meal times.  It’s about elevating the mundane and ordinary moments.  I really like these options (and oy, I like the prices too).

What do you think?  Yay or nay?  I don’t mean to make it seem as though the prices make these items disposable.  In fact I really think we should be trying to get away from the practice of disposing without care and be more thoughtful of the items we choose to bring in to our home (visit a landfill, think of how many landfills there are, and then you’ll understand why I say that), but I also don’t think you should have to pay a lot for items that you’ll love and keep around for a long time.  I think I would love and treasure any of these things for a long time and might even love them more because I got them for a steal too!

7 Responses to “Home Making – H&M Home”

  1. Leslie

    Oh my gosh – how amazing!! Thanks for the reminder about their home line. My husband is back home in Stockholm. Maybe I can get him to stop by the physical store there and bring some goods back to SF:)

    • Katy

      Oh, totally! But in case his suitcase isn’t big enough, you can order online now and shipping is only $6 I think. So go crazy! haha :) Love your site, by the way!

  2. Koseli

    Oh, I didn’t know that! We went to their home store in h&m and loved a lot of stuff. Saving my pennies for Fall—my favorite time to add a few new things. :)

    • Katy

      Hey Koseli! Fall is so great for freshening up your home decor – and I bet H&M will have really awesome holiday stuff too! Oh now I’m even more excited :)

  3. Julie Kuberski

    I never knew they had home goods until the other day when someone mentioned it on their blog. Super exciting. And now that I’ve been able to see some of their products, courtesy of this blog post, it’s making me excited to decorate my future home that much more! Such amazing products at good prices, which is always awesome.

    • Katy

      Isn’t it great?! Now we have an alternative to the homegoods section of Marshall’s and TJMaxx and can actually find hip stuff! haha :)


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